Certified and Unique Wholesale Diamonds in Sydney

Buy a certified loose diamond or jewellery at wholesale prices directly from us. We are elegant wholesale diamonds supplier in Sydney. With us, you can be confident that every diamond you choose is certified and has been cut for maximum brilliance. Our products are of exacting standards and perfect proportional cuts - all available at wholesale price. We ensure that our clients get to choose from the best clarity, right cut and unique colours.

When it comes to diamonds, the 4 Cs - cut, clarity, colour and carats are the standard diamond grading attributes. These four factors make all the difference in term of quality and price.

Diamond Types

The classification system generally determines the diamonds based on their chemical and physical properties. The gemologists certify diamonds based on their atomic distribution and impurities. Consumer wise, the most common types of diamonds are,

  • Natural and Real - Regular, white, colourless
  • Synthetic - Lab grown diamonds, sold at cheaper prices
  • Treated - Inclusions hidden and colour enhanced to get a better-looking diamond

Diamond Colour Grade

The diamonds are sub-divided into colour grades which fairly follow the coloured tints caused by the presence of impurities in the structure.

  • D - Completely colourless, bright white
  • E - Colourless to naked eye, close to white
  • F - Colourless, looks stunning on white gold or pure gold jewellery
  • G - Near colourless, exquisite diamond with beauty and value
  • H - Near colourless, have some colour which can be detected only by expert gemologist
  • I - Near colourless, colour visible to naked eye
  • J - Near colourless, of better value than higher grades, look stunning on yellow or rose gold
  • K to M - Slightly tinted, noticeable colour which can be detected by normal eye
  • N to R - Very light yellow tint
  • S to Z - Light yellow or brown

Diamond Buying Guide

When buying a wholesale diamonds Sydney, the following information helps a lot to make the right decision.

  • Types of cut
  • Traditional shapes of diamonds
  • Brillance

At All Diamonds, we offer a large selection of quality wholesale diamonds in Sydney. Our diamonds are available at wholesale prices and designed to suit every budget. Whether you are buying loose wholesale diamonds or a piece of elegant jewellery - our diamonds will create best memories for you.

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