GIA Certified Diamonds

All Diamonds presents a stunning range of GIA certified diamonds. We provide loose diamonds in various size and shapes such as round brilliant cut, princess cut, Asscher cut, cushion cut, marquise cut, radiant cut, heart cut and emerald cut shapes. These diamonds can be featured in engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands, earrings, bracelets and diamond pendants. 

When you enquire about our diamonds, you can sort through our inventory to find the right diamonds according to what matters most to you: diamond shape, diamond size, diamond quality and price. Our diamond collection is specially curated: Whether this is your first diamond purchase or you’re a seasoned diamond buyer with exact specifications in mind, you’ll find the right loose diamond here.

What are the benefits of GIA certified diamonds?

Every diamond from our collection is independently graded by one of the foremost gem labs in the world: the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). When you get a GIA certified diamond from All Diamonds you can rest assured that your diamond has been through a rigorous and unbiased inspection process to determine its quality and worth. 

All our GIA certified diamonds come with a diamond grading report, as well as a laser inscription number that gives you more information than you’ll probably want to know about your certified diamond.