The Best Quality Wholesale Diamonds In Australia

Diamonds are beyond rare. The history of diamonds is very intriguing and dates back to a span of 1.6 billion years under the Earth. The beauty of these diamonds is beyond imagination. These masterpiece stones have been known to keep a sense of rarity in the history. All Diamonds provides a trove of high-quality certified diamonds - we believe in keeping the priceless legacy alive with wholesale diamonds across Australia.

Diamond Guide - Type, Colours, Cuts and Carat

Diamond Types:

Not all diamonds are created equal and have their own chemical impurities. Detected by an infrared spectrometer, these diamonds are classified at atomic levels. There are broadly 2 types of diamonds as follows :

  • Type I - Most of the diamonds fall under this category and have nitrogen atoms as the main impurity.
  • Type Ia - Make up to 98% of all the natural diamonds. Nitrogen atoms don’t affect the color of the diamond.
  • Type Ib - Make up to 0.1% of all the natural diamonds. Nitrogen atoms impart yellowish or brownish tints to the diamond.
  • Type II - These are larger, irregular in shape and formed under extremely high pressure for a very long period of time. Moreover, they have no measurable nitrogen impurities.
  • Type IIa - They make up to 1–2% of all natural diamonds. Usually colourless.
  • Type IIb - They make up to 0.1% of all natural diamonds. These are rarest natural diamonds with high value.
  • Green Diamonds - These derive their colour from exposure to ionising radiation.

Diamond Colour:

Diamonds can occur in a wide array of colours, ranging from white, blue, yellow, steel grey, green, red, brown, orange, purple, pink, and black. While the purest diamonds can be perfectly colourless and transparent, the coloured diamonds get the coloration due to structural defects or impurities. Of all the colours, the red diamonds are the rarest.

Diamond Cut:

When thinking of buying a diamond, many of us are the most familiar with the classic round diamond shape. But, the cut refers to the finish, proportions, polish and symmetry of the diamond. A perfectly cut diamond will have the maximum sparkle or brilliance. With a variant ability to reflect light, the various cuts have their own charm.

Diamond Carat:

This quality of a diamond is the measurement of weight and not its size. A metric “carat” is defined as 200 milligrams or 100 points.

1 carat = 200 milligrams = 100 points.

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