Buy The Best Wholesale Diamonds in Brisbane

At All Diamonds, we believe that diamonds are more than an investment and reflect your personality. Crafted with a right combination of charm and quality, we provide unique wholesale diamonds to our buyers in Brisbane. Each diamond being unique, we ensure that all our diamonds are processed to the highest ethical standards and follow government-mandated guidelines.  

Our range of certified wholesale diamonds and elegant jewellery comes in a variety of colours, cuts, carats, shapes and clarity. We have a high quality for all the 4Cs of diamonds.

Diamond Shapes and Brilliance:

Most of us would immediately think of classic round diamond shape when it comes to diamonds. Though the round brilliant cut is the most popular amongst all the diamond shapes, there is a wide array of other beautiful shapes in the diamond industry. Each shape is different and possesses unique characteristics, incredibly affecting the appearance of the diamond.

The diamond shape has to be cut to different specifications, giving us many variants in brilliance and fire, as each shape reflects light differently. Our buyers of wholesale diamonds in Brisbane can choose from the following traditional shapes:

  • Round Brilliant Cut - Most popular, has great flexibility with 4Cs of diamonds
  • Princess Cut - Exceptionally high of fire and brilliance. As a square shape, colour reflects from the corners too
  • Cushion Cut or Pillow Cut - Rounded corners and larger facets for great brilliance and clarity
  • Emerald Cut - Unique optical illusions, has a large rectangular table with apparent colours and inclusions
  • Marquise Cut - Maximises carat weight and emphasises the diamond size. This shape looks perfect on slender hands and fingers.
  • Asscher Cut – Resembling emerald cut but in a square shape instead of rectangular, highly popular with celebrities
  • Radiant Cut - Combination of emerald cut shape and round cut brilliance.
  • Oval Cut - Popular in engagement rings, with incredible fire and brilliance.

Pear Shaped Cut - Exceptional tear-drop style with high brilliance. Gives a soft and delicate looks to the hands and fingers.

We provide the most affordable range of wholesale diamonds to Brisbane, along with outstanding customer service. Browse through our online collection to experience the best.

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