Custom jewellery is our speciality. Each client has the opportunity to create a piece that is truely unique. Follow the steps below to discover how our process works.

The Consultation

This initial step is vital to ensuring we provide the best custom experience for each client. Either face to face or virtually, our staff have the opportunity to discuss all of your expectations and concerns. By exploring your style, budget and time frame, we can best tailor a process and package that meets all of your needs.

Stone Selection

From selecting a specific centre stone for an engagement ring or a matching pair of gemstones for a pair of earrings, we take the time to guide and education our clients through the stone selection process. Thanks to our contacts with cutting factories across the globe, our clients have access to an impressive range of stones and competitive pricing.

Computer Aided Drawings

This is were your design comes to life. Utilising the exact dimensions, colours and shapes from the stone select stage, our designers bring all aspects of your deign together. We can then manipulate this design as required to ensure the end results is exactly as the client had envisioned.


The most important part of the whole process is creating the piece with care and precision. We pride ourselves on our quality of materials and advanced technology which provides exceptional results. We are so proud of our work that our handcrafted pieces come with a lifetime manufacture warranty.

Start Your Design