Certified Wholesale Diamonds in Western Australia

Many of us get overwhelmed by the idea of purchasing a diamond. Whether you are looking it as an investment or buying it for a special occasion, diamonds come with a different charm altogether. They not only add style but reflect your personality. All Diamonds has a comprehensive range of elegant diamond jewellery and wholesale diamonds Western Australia.

As though, buying a diamond isn’t rocket science contrary to what you are made to believe. Understanding the measurable parameters like cuts, grading scales, shapes, colours and certificates isn’t difficult. A basic comprehensive understanding of the diamonds will let you shop with confidence, anytime and anywhere.

ANATOMY OF DIAMONDS: Framework of all the wholesale diamonds in Western Australia is the same, making it easier to relate to all the diamonds when buying one.

  • Table - Largest facet of the stone
  • Crown - The top of the diamond
  • Girdle - Widest part where the crown and the pavilion meet
  • Pavilion - Integral of diamond’s light reflection properties
  • Culet - Smallest facet of diamond at the end of pavilion
  • Diameter - Total width of the diamond
  • Depth - Height of the diamond from culet of the table

WIDTH AND DEPTH OF DIAMONDS: Both the factors can have a considerable effect on how the light travels within the stone and disperses as brilliance or fire. Though, it is required to have ideal width and depth to maximise the brilliance and add to the value of the diamond.

  • Shallow cut - Light reflects, low brilliance
  • Ideal Cut - Refraction, maximum brilliance
  • Deep Cut - Dispersion, dull-muted appearance

FACETING OF DIAMONDS: Facets also play an important role in the light reflecting properties of the diamond. Traditionally, there are 2 different cutting methods used to create facets.

  • Brilliant Cut Faceting - Triangular shaped facets facing outwards from the centre
  • Step Cut Faceting - Cut into elongated rows, to create a mirrored staircase

Apart from these parameters, the 4Cs of Diamonds also play a major role in determining the quality of diamonds. This related information is available in the quality certificates when you are buying our wholesale diamonds in Western Australia.  

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