Diamonds at Wholesale Prices - New South Wales

All Diamonds has the largest affordable collection of natural loose diamonds, engagement rings and diamond rings. Our conflict-free collection of exquisite diamonds is available at wholesale prices for all. We are passionate about treating every customer as an individual and honour the unique story you are buying the diamond for. Our customer service professionals also guide you through the whole process of choosing the wholesale diamonds to our buyers in New South Wales which are best suited to your budget and needs.

YOUR DIAMOND BUYING GUIDE: We strive to establish a lifetime relationship with every customer. Our certified range of wholesale diamonds in New South Wales fulfills all the parameters of high quality diamonds and the 4Cs. In order to get the perfect diamonds for your special occasions and investments, the following 7 features will help you find the right one.

1.CARAT WEIGHT: Size matters when it comes to diamonds. However, carat weight isn’t synonymous with size only. The shape and cut determine how larger the diamond would appear.

2.CUT: The cut is important to determine the light dispersion and brilliance from the diamond. Better the cut, more is the value of the diamond.

3.COLOUR: Colour grades have been designed to distinguish the colours of diamonds. With D as the most favourite grade due to high brilliance with gold, colour grades for other diamonds is decided only by experienced gemologists.

4.CLARITY: Diamonds with natural origins are known to have inclusions, which may or may not be visible to the naked eye. Clarity of the diamonds significantly determines the value of the diamond.

5.CERTIFICATION: To clearly specify the technical characteristics of the stones and to ensure authenticity, all the diamonds need to be certified by diamond grading bodies. There are strict grading parameters which are followed to certify diamonds as fit for sale.

6.SHAPE: Ranging from perfectly round brilliant cut to rare marquise cut, diamonds are contoured into various shapes.

7.COST: Perfect balance of all the above factors will ensure that the buyers get the ideal diamond at the best price.

From ring sizing guide to additional information on wholesale diamonds New South Wales, we strive to establish a lifetime of relationship with every customer. Browse through our collection for a great diamond shopping experience.

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