Pink Diamonds

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Pink diamonds are also called Argyle diamonds because 90 percent of the world’s pink diamonds are sourced from the Argyle mine in Australia. These blush-hued diamonds are an extremely rare type of naturally coloured diamonds, and therefore their appeal is widespread.

Historically, they have been associated with royalty and in today’s time, many celebrities have been seen sporting pink diamond rings. However, good quality, authentic pink diamonds are difficult to find for sale.

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What are the Different Shades of Argyle Diamonds?

Argyle pink diamonds in Melbourne are available in a range of shades. Ranging from light to dark, these are ranked as follows:

  • Faint

  • Very light

  • Light

  • Fancy light

  • Fancy

  • Fancy intense

  • Fancy deep 

  • Fancy vivid, fancy deep or fancy dark

Here, it is important to remember that pink diamonds are priced as per their colour intensity. The lighter shades are thereby more economical than the fancy ones.

All Diamonds houses all the shades of pink diamonds for sale. Therefore, one can invest according to budget considerations.

Common Settings for Jewellery made with Argyle Pink Diamonds

Pink diamonds in Melbourne are more expensive than other coloured and clear diamonds. Hence, it is important to find a setting that maximises its value without being too heavy on the pocket and the wearer. Some of the common ways to utilise these are:

  • Pave Setting with small Argyle diamonds embedded in the metal band

  • Halo Setting with a pink diamond in the middle flanked by smaller clear brilliants

  • Double Halo Setting with a less intense pink diamond centrestone, clear brilliants and light pink brilliants 

  • Multi-stone Setting with one or two Argyle pink diamonds along with other coloured diamonds and clear diamonds

  • Prong Settling with a single intense pink diamond placed on a thin white/rose gold metal band. 

When it comes to selecting a setting for Argyle diamonds, yellow gold is avoided as it could cast an unappealing shadow on the stone.

If you are looking for pink diamonds for sale in Australia for your jewellery, including engagement rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings, contact All Diamonds. We make sure that GIA certified Argyle diamonds are available to you at the best possible price.

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