Diamond Engagement Rings Melbourne

Diamond Engagement Rings Melbourne

There are several big decisions that precede and follow the process of selecting the right ring for your soon to be better half. It pays to be well informed about diamond rings, as this is not an area of expertise everyone acquires or sees the value in till the day of making the purchase. All Diamonds understands this peculiar concern that prevails amongst most of our customers and we offer an extensively newbie friendly service to help you buy diamond engagement rings in Melbourne.

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Large Collection of Beautiful Diamond Engagement Rings in Melbourne

Why Choose All Diamonds for Engagement Rings in Melbourne?

While there are several options available to you to when looking for diamond engagement rings in Melbourne, All Diamonds is considered a prime seller when it comes to matching affordability to superior design and gems. Our approach to helping you select the right ring strongly revolves around the following, specifically for men going out to choose a ring by themselves:

Diamond Engagement Rings Melbourne
  • Your budget - There is no escaping a planned budget for a smart buyer. And we value your priorities and assure that you will walk out with a spectacle of a ring that is affordable and reliable in terms of brilliance, certification and authenticity.
  • Style requirements - This is usually in the form of hints given to a man prior to him going out to choose a ring. These can pertain to anything and everything your loved one has hinted in terms of design and what might suit her best.
  • Finger Size - This might be the tricky part for men who have planned a secret proposal, to obtain the ring finger size without breaking the surprise of a secret proposal. There are some alternatives to asking directly, such as trying on her ring and seeing where it fits on your finger, or asking a girlfriend of hers to acquire a rough estimate through some means. But don’t you worry, with just a tiny bit of information our experienced craftsmen can work out the size.

Diamonds for All

Diamonds speak about struggle. Diamonds have been conditioned to millions of years of heat and pressure under the Earth’s surface, and then they emerge as the most beautiful stone known to man. This story of struggle rings true with the endeavours of each man and woman. Yes, man. Diamonds are also meant for men who are distinguished with solid character and finesse. And there is no better way for a man to flaunt his distinction than by wearing a diamond ring.

Choosing the Ring:

Once we have the technicalities in order, it’s time to choose the actual ring. And these are the things you might want to consider:

  • The Diamond - Choosing the diamond is a fairly easy job when you speak with one of our diamond consultants. Keeping in mind the four C’s (Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat Weight), there is not much room for error here. Carat weight is the bigger determinant of price in most cases.
  • The Metal - When your shopping you will notice that most diamond rings are set in white metals rather than in rose gold or yellow gold, this is because many people agree that diamonds that are set in a white metal (white gold or platinum) appear larger and brighter. But what do you choose white gold or Platinum? Both metals are perfect choices for an engagement ring, there are a few differences for example how they wear, the weight, strength, maintenance and the cost.

    Some of the questions we get asked when clients are choosing a piece of jewellery are: What metal looks best? Platinum or White gold? The answer is it is personal choice. Another question we get is what is the difference between platinum and white gold?

    Here is some information to help you decide what is best for you:
    Platinum is a very strong metal but it is also a soft metal, meaning that it is great for delicate settings but it will show scratches more easily than white gold. It is also a denser metal making it heavier than white gold. Platinum is 95-98% pure platinum so it is an ideal metal for people with sensitive skin who have irritations to commercial jewellery.

    White gold is a strong hard metal, it is derived from 24kt gold and alloyed with other metals to give it the white colour and to make it strong but still malleable. White gold also gets rhodium plated which gives it a bright white colour but over time it will wear off leaving the jewellery with a greyish tinge but with a polish and replating it will look like new again.

    There isn’t much of a price difference between the two metals these days, both metals are great for engagement rings and wedding bands. So choosing between the two metals comes down to a personal preference.
  • The Setting - Engagement ring style or setting is the most crucial part of selecting a ring. Our extensive range of designs includes all the beautiful settings that would take her breath away. All Diamond’s experienced dispensing staff has a quick grasp over customer expectations, and can lead you in the right direction.
For more information and variety, please do give us a call on (03) 9523 6603 or pop into our store for a quick glance.