Diamond Dress Rings

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That Lady in Red

This saying refers to the showstopper, the life of the party, if you will. The lady in red is a stereotypical mental image that has been personified over the years. She is that beautiful dame who wears a red dress and has all eyes on her at any given party. Every woman wants to be in this spot, somewhere deep inside they are always preparing themselves in such a way that they end up at the party looking stunning and have heads turning.

Women put a lot of thought into the clothes that they will wear and what jewellery will go best with it. They have everything planned, from the colour of their eye shadows to the tint of their toes. And what better way to help her out with this selection process by adding a charming piece of jewellery for her slender and pretty fingers.

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What is a Diamond Dress Ring?

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Quite simply put, it is a diamond ring that adds character to the general appearance of the outfit and accentuates those beautiful hands in a way that only a classic timeless piece of jewellery can. All Diamonds has the largest collection of Diamond Dress rings in Melbourne, from twists, flowers and solitaires, the choice is only limited by your imagination.

When you give someone a diamond dress ring, you will remain memorable to them for eternity. Every time they wear the ring, they will feel a higher sense of satisfaction because it will complete their outfit and add elegance.

Why Choose All Diamonds?

When you think of buying a diamond dress ring in Melbourne, here is why you should come visit us:

  • With over 20 years of craftsmanship, our team of designers have immense knowledge and understanding of this stone
  • All Diamonds has the most diverse collection of Diamond Dress Rings, anywhere in Australia.
  • Thanks to our panel of designers, each who derive inspiration from different sources and bring to the table something that has never been seen before
  • All our diamonds are responsibly sourced and a detailed report from an unbiased authority is provided with the desired jewellery items.
  • One of our main objectives is to deliver more than you expect within your budget.

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