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Oval cut diamonds are yet another brilliant cut diamond from the round series. These diamonds are known to reflect light optimally when they are of a higher colour grade. Much like other round cut, elongated diamonds, the oval cut can play a role in making shorter fingers appear longer and slender. Originating from the 1960s, this design innovation was a contribution made by the leading Russian diamond cutter, Lazare Kaplan. The designer also gained immense popularity due to his method of splitting a larger rough stone into multiple smaller ones with a single strike.

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Why Choose All Diamonds for Oval Cut Diamonds?

oval cut diamonds

All Diamonds in Melbourne is a prime supplier of accurately cut oval stones that ring true with its 200 years of rich design history. Before you buy oval diamonds online in Melbourne, we recommend you consult with our customer support representatives. Our friendly customer support team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to guide you through the buying process by:

  • Helping you identify the most suitable length-width ratio, colour grade and clarity
  • Enabling you to better understand diamond certificates
  • And above all, working within your budget to give you the best offering

Some Points to Consider:

There are several points that one needs to briefly analyse before buying oval cut diamonds online in Melbourne, they are:

  • Ratio and Facets - The ideal oval cut diamond comprises of 58 facets (56 in some cases) that enable light to bounce in the most spectacular fashion. When it comes to the length to width ratio, 1.33-1.66 is the ideal range for oval cut diamonds. However, depending on the wearer’s preference and style requirements, this can be adjusted. This cut, much like other rounded and elongated cuts makes the fingers appear longer and slender with a larger ratio. A larger ratio means the length exceeds the width by a higher margin.
  • Clarity and Colour - When it comes to oval cut diamonds, inclusions can be particularly difficult to hide. Therefore, choosing a stone with a higher colour grade and of a fairly high clarity is of paramount importance for buyers seeking a more flawless experience.
  • Bow Tie - The bow tie effect is the presence of a dark patch that runs across the centre of the diamond, from left to right. In the case of oval cuts, the effect can be stronger when the L/W ratio exceeds 1.50. However, this can be fixed by adjusting the depth of the pavilion or going for slimmer versions that could possibly be surrounded by pave stones.

For more information about buying the ideal oval cut diamond online in Melbourne, send us an enquiry email or call us on (03) 9523 6603