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Marquise cut diamonds started out as an expression of love and affection in the times of King Louis XIV. Named after the Marquise of Pompadour, the King had ordered a diamond to mimic what he thought was her perfectly shaped mouth.

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How to Identify a Good Marquise Cut Diamond?

  • The Shape - The shape of a proper Marquise diamond is like that of a footy ball, oval with sharp points at either ends. This kind of setting is highly effective when trying to optimally utilise the carat weight of the diamond. In simple words, it helps the diamond to appear larger than it actually is. This quality is attributed to the Marquise diamonds enormous crown, which is the entire top surface area of the diamond. Buying Marquise diamonds online in Melbourne can be a great option to make beautiful fingers appear even prettier by giving an impression of them being longer and slimmer.
  • Bow Tie - The bow tie effect is referred to the dark spot that runs across the centre of the marquise shaped diamonds, or other elongated shapes. This dark patch runs from left to right, at the centre of the diamond. It is a result of light passing directly through the pavilion, rather than being reflected back to our eyes. The bow tie effect is named so due to shape similar to that of a man’s bow tie, and is not to be considered as an inclusion.
  • Symmetry - Before purchasing Marquise diamonds online in Melbourne, it is vital that the buyer critically analyses the symmetry of the diamond. The two end points should align with each other and the two halves, right and left should form near accurate mirror images of each other. All Diamond’s experienced craftsmen have practised perfection for over 20 years, and our web interface allows you to view in absolute clarity, the alignment of the stones.
  • Protection - Every Marquise diamond will and should come with protection by prongs at the two ends. This cut of diamonds is a brittle composition when it comes to the durability of the sharp corners. In addition, these pronged protection measures hide the inclusions in a marquise cut diamond as they are most visible at either ends.

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