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The style of cut applied to Emerald cut diamonds is the step cut. Instead of sharp corners, this cut has flattened corners that protect the diamond from any fractures or cracks. And unlike the brilliant cuts or round cut diamonds, which radiate light immensely, the emerald cut diamonds are known to trap light inside and create the effect similar to that of a hall of mirrors. Popularly named after the fact of being the primary choice for cutting emerald stones, this shape possesses an elegant appeal that goes well with larger gems. Colour presence usually surfaces strongly in emerald cuts due to the fairly open and wide facets on its sides.

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Why choose us for Buying Emerald Diamonds Online in Melbourne?

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  • Wide Range - We have a wide range of selection of pre-made emerald cut diamonds in Melbourne. You will be spoilt for choices in colour, carat weight and size, all within the budget you have in mind.
  • Genuine Certification - All our diamonds are responsibly sourced and are provided with genuine certification from authorities that have performed unbiased assessments.
  • Expertise - Our designers and stone cutters have been working with diamonds for over 20 years, and this is why we offer precise and detailed images of our diamonds online. We understand that it could get nerve racking to make such an expensive purchase online. However, what you see is most certainly what you’ll get.

Things to Consider While Choosing Emerald Cut Diamonds in Melbourne:

  • Bulky cuts need special care - Be certain that Emerald cut diamonds that we make available in Melbourne need to be taken care of. While removing the ring, be sure to not pull on the diamond itself, as this can stretch the metal frame over time. Ensure that when storing temporarily, it shouldn’t be in spots from where it can easily fall off, especially not near sinks.
  • Colour and Clarity considerations - If the buyer is happy with tiny visible inclusions and colour shades, the emerald cut diamonds won’t pose a serious expense. However, for those pursuing a flawless experience, it is essential to know that the emerald cuts are known to make inclusions visible. However, their general appearance is commanding and cannot be duplicated.
  • Length to Width Ratio - While purchasing emerald cut diamonds online in Melbourne or Australia wide, it is essential to have a look at the accompanying certificate. For the classic emerald shape, the ideal length to width ratio should be between 1.30-1.40.

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