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Cushion cut diamonds are considered to be one of the most prominently favoured designs for over 200 years. Much like the popularity of the round cut diamonds, cushion cut diamonds have captivated buyers in the 20th century. The value of this design has been magnified due to its classic roots.

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What are Cushion Cut Diamonds?

Cushion cut diamonds are those that have been cut in a square fashion, much like the princess cut. However, due to the rounded corners the shape mimics that of a pillow, hence the name. This cut is known to reflect light in a chunkier manner when compared to modern cuts of diamonds. Many design revisions have been implemented since the cut research was put in order by Marcel Tolkowsky in the 1920’s. These changes have not changed the basic shape of the cut, but have helped the design to gain growing popularity over time. Cushion cut diamonds come in two types:

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  • Antique or Traditional Cushion Cuts - Usually preferred to be inclusion free, therefore might be pricier compared to Crushed ice cushion cut.
  • Crushed Ice Cushion Cuts - This type of cut is very efficient at masking the inclusions due to the presence of crushed ice stones around the corners.

Why Choose All Diamonds for Cushion Cut Diamonds?

All Diamonds has a reputation for being a diamond connoisseur. Our expertise pertaining to Cushion Cut diamonds will help you make the right decision. Experienced and friendly staff will guide you in regards to the peculiarities of Cushion cut diamonds in Melbourne. The following aspects need to be carefully considered before buying cushion diamonds online in Melbourne:

  • Colour - Cushion cut diamonds are known to strongly retain the colour of the diamond. Therefore, it is usually the ideal choice to buy coloured diamonds in a cushion cut, or go for absolutely colourless diamonds.
  • Clarity - Traditional cushion cuts are associated with a deeper consideration about clarity as compared to crushed ice cushion cuts.
  • Cut - Cushion cuts can either have nearly round corners or nearly square corners. The specificity of the cut should be determined by observing our detailed and magnified photos.

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