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Before we set out to explain what exactly a brilliant cut diamond is, here is a short introduction to the history of diamond design:

  • 1750 - The traditional old European cut was introduced. With lower amount of facets, this design displayed light in a very chunky fashion.
  • 1880 - A Transitional brilliant cut was introduced with higher facets than its predecessor. The culets (the bottom point of a diamond) had started to become smaller and the star facets (surrounding the top table) and the lower half facets were becoming longer, creating a more elegant trend in design.
  • 1950 - By this year, the modern round brilliant cuts as we know it today had emerged and captivated enthusiasts and designers by the masses. The cut was first developed in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky and has been modified and revisited ever since.
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So What Is a Brilliant Cut?

A brilliant cut is a style where the design resembles a cone. The number of facets have been maximised to allow light to reflect in a show of marvellous fire and brilliance. As compared to the older styles of cut which were chunkier and like a chess board, the modern brilliant cut is a tight configuration of facets that create a far more appealing visual effect. Typically, a round brilliant is the most common cut of diamond found in the marketplace. However, over the centuries many modifications have been made to the original design to come up with “Modified Brilliant Cuts”. These include:

  • Oval Diamonds
  • Marquise Diamonds
  • Pear Shaped Diamonds
  • Heart Shaped Diamonds

All the above mentioned shapes exhibit a fiery display of light and are used in different types of diamond jewellery such as rings, pendants, bands and much more. At All Diamonds, our panel of craftsmen specialise in brilliant cut round design and all the modified brilliant cuts. Custom design options allow you to get exactly what you’re looking for. We believe that there should be no compromises made when it comes to buying brilliant cut diamonds online in Melboune.

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