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Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Asscher cut diamonds or more commonly known as the square emerald diamonds were first introduced in the 20th century by the Royal Asscher Company. In comparison to the Emerald cut, the Asscher cut has a smaller table, higher crown and step facets that are greater in size. When buying Asscher Diamonds online in Melbourne, one should observe the presence of concentric squares. This is one major sign of a well cut diamond. When the diamond has been adjusted within four prongs, the unique shape becomes more prominent within the square silhouette.

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There are two types of Asscher cut diamonds:

  • Standard Asscher Cut - The standard asscher cut diamonds have 58 facets and are also commonly known as the square emerald diamond. However, the standard square cut emerald diamond does not always conform to the original guidelines set by the Royal Asscher Family.
  • The Royal Asscher Cut - The Royal Asscher cut diamonds have 74 facets and came into existence much after the introduction of the standard Asscher cut.

Much like the considerations taken into account while purchasing an Emerald cut diamond, the considerations for Asscher cut are as follows:

  • Colour - Unlike round brilliant cuts that are cut while keeping in mind optimum brilliance, Asscher cuts are cut to maximise clarity and lustre. Therefore it is critical to view the colour of the diamond as it will be prominent. All Diamonds offers an affordable rate to those who seek a flawless diamond without any inclusions, as this would be the ideal choice of stone for an Asscher cut or a square emerald cut diamond.
  • Clarity - The Asscher cut diamonds are not known to be good hiders of inclusions in the stone. These designs are better known for showing off the simplistic beauty of the gemstone itself. Unlike the brilliant cuts that are known to display extensively, the fire and shine of a stone, Asscher cuts do not reflect light in the same way. On the contrary they are appreciated for the concentric squares and smooth edges that allow a fair amount of light to pass through.
  • Cut - Asscher cut diamonds can be judged for their smooth edges and cropped corners. These cuts cannot be determined objectively like its contemporaries. Therefore, the main point of consideration comes back to the clarity of the stone. If the buyer is comfortable with certain inclusions that are not easily visible, yet present, All Diamonds has plenty of affordable options for buying Asscher Diamonds online in Melbourne.

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