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Your Guide to Selecting the Right Diamond Pendant

9 Oct 2019 4:20:02 pm

A diamond pendant is an elegant piece of jewellery. It is subtle yet attractive and makes any outfit look even more beautiful. Moreover, its diamonds reflect back the light, making you the centre of attention at any event. 

Diamond pendants are often given as a thoughtful and loving gift. There is nothing better than this accessory to perfectly adorn one’s neck and, subsequently, their personality. Jewellery is the ultimate form of self-expression and pendants are no exception. 

While diamond pendants are a must-have in every person’s checklist, they can be very precious and expensive. A good, high quality diamond pendant should be a one-time investment and thus selecting the right one is necessary. There are a number of intricate details that need to be taken care of when choosing the right pendant. Some of these are mentioned below.

      • Shape of the Pendant:

The shape of the pendant depends a lot on the cut and size of diamonds that are to be used in making this piece of jewellery. Additionally, it also depends on the size of the diamond. 

While this is a matter of personal choice, it is vital to ensure the setting is right for you. Choosing a setting such as a bezel or claws that keep the diamond in place while gelling well with the overall aesthetics of the pendant design is a prerequisite. 

When selecting the shape, it will do well to ensure that it goes well with your outfit, neck shape and face. For example, a curvier pendant may enhance the features of a square face, while a more striking pointed and geometric pendant may flatter a round face.

      • The Metal to Hold Your Diamond Pendant Together

This metal is that part of the pendant that holds the diamonds in place and improves its overall look. Selecting the right metal is based on a high degree of precision. You need to keep in mind the colour of your diamond and choose a metal which goes with the colour of your diamond. 

Additionally, you also need to consider the softness of the metal with relation to the size and weight of your pendant. 22ct Yellow gold, for example, is not recommended as a pendant because it is very soft and will bend and stretch with wear. These are therefore far less durable than the standard metal options. Going with white gold or platinum might be better in such cases. The main reason behind this is that higher karat gold is softer and purer, while a lower karat version is mixed with other strengthening alloys. We recommend 9ct or 18ct gold in white/rose/yellow – whatever your preference, just make sure you match the carat of the chain to the carat of the pendant!

This covers some of the basics, but there are more pointers to be considered when selecting a diamond pendant. We will be exploring these in the next part. 

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