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Tips for Buying Your Perfect Diamond Earrings!

24 Oct 2018 5:14:07 pm

Do you only put on your diamond earrings when you get dressed up?

We do, too!

It is a common for many ladies to pair up with their sparkly studs only when they dress up for special occasions. But most ladies forget that diamond earrings are an incredibly versatile accessory. Whether you wear them for an important business meeting and or for a romantic date, they will always exude raw feminine charm.

Finding a perfect pair of earrings can be a challenge. There are a few factors that you need to consider before you buy earrings for everyday use. We have listed down some of these factors:

1. It should be comfortable

When it comes to buying a piece of jewellery that you intend to wear for an extended period, it is essential to look for something that comfortable and stylish. Since the earrings will be worn for a significant part of the day; you need to choose a style that suits your lifestyle. Some women love the stylish sophistication of drop earrings, which look incredibly elegant as they dance around while the wearer’s head moves, and other women will be driven mad by this style as they find the earrings can catch in their hair or get caught while working out. In this case, a simple, lobe-hugging style would be much more suitable: for example, studs or huggies. Luckily, these styles don’t have to be basic and plain anymore! We have heaps of styles with patterns, coloured diamonds and multiple stones.

2. Consider the shape of your face

If you have a round face, round studs may not suit you as well as drops. Think about when you’re choosing a new pair of sunnies or glasses: you need a shape and size that suits your face. Oval faces suit pearl drops and ovals; square faces look fabulous with hoops. If you’re not sure what suits you, please come see us and we would be happy to help.

3. Metal and diamond combination

Everyone knows that traditional jewellery is made from yellow gold and often overlook other alternatives. Rose gold is back in fashion and looks simply stunning with coloured stones such as morganite or ruby. White gold has a modern appeal and can make diamonds look larger because our eyes will pass over the setting instead of stopping where the claws meet the diamond. Yellow gold looks simply gorgeous with certain skin tones. A great rule of thumb is to choose the metal colour that you usually wear because, for example, you will be more likely to wear rose gold earrings if the rest of your jewellery is rose gold, and more likely to ignore them if you prefer yellow/white.

4. The back of the earring can be important too!

Heavy earrings may need a larger butterfly to act as a counterbalance. Drop earrings can have hooks, stud tops (posts and butterflies), or clips. For expensive stud earrings, we recommend threaded posts, which need to be screwed on instead of the regular push-on butterflies. At All Diamonds we can help you choose the best option for you and your earrings.

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