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These Emerald Cut Engagement Rings Are Stunningly Beautiful!

28 Jun 2019 1:05:41 pm

An intricate and delicate rectangular shape featuring symmetrical geometric facets, emerald cut diamonds are adored for their stylishly exquisite silhouette. With numerous celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Amal Clooney, Beyonce, Kate Kardashian and Eva Longoria Parker sporting (large) emerald cut engagement rings, it has become the most desired step-cut fancy diamond.

What is Emerald Cut Diamonds?

Emerald cut diamonds have cascading step cuts forming a rectangular shape with cropped corners, which offer it a distinctive appeal and sets it apart from the classic round cut diamonds.

Additionally, the unique step cut offers matchless clarity and helps it catch the light in such a manner that it produces a prismatic reflection. This provides a dramatic effect and distinguishing allure when this diamond is set in an engagement ring.  

With its elongated rectangular shape, this fancy cut diamond gives vertical depth to your finger, which means the centre stone will look bigger than its weight compared to a round diamond!  A stunning and refined choice, discover some of our favourite emerald cut engagement rings below!

1. Lyn Baguette Diamond Ring

With a graceful and delicate band, the Lyn baguette diamond ring invokes a sense of sophistication and classic beauty. This beautiful piece of jewellery is inspired by rings proudly sitting on the fingers of celebrities like Amal Clooney and Angelina Jolie.

2. Keeyle

This sparkling Keeyle diamond ring features an attractive scalloped claw set diamond halo that encompasses the centre stone. A diamond-set band gives this ring a truly spectacular appeal.

3. Ella

An exquisite and timeless solitaire, the Ella rings features clawed prongs that elegantly cradle the centre stone. The delicate band brings a sleek and classic touch to this ring.  

4. Elisa

The classic Elisa engagement ring features an exquisite pave band elegantly embracing the centre gemstone in four claws. Unique and elegant, this regal-style engagement ring accents the shimmering centre emerald cut diamond.

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