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The Top Diamond Engagement Ring Trends in 2020 - Part 2

10 Feb 2020 4:27:00 pm

Engagement ring trends are important to be known and followed to ensure that you can express your love with vogue. The wrong ring can cause much disappointment . The right one also tells your partner how much you know them and their choices. Here are a few more engagement ring trends to look out for in 2020 that will assist you in making the correct selection like a true professional. 

  1. Yellow Gold Varieties

While rose gold options were trending last year, this year is all about yellow gold bands. This setting brings out the contrast of the clear diamonds and enhances their sparkle even further. In addition, it adds originality to your engagement ring. You can take a look at Miley Cyrus’ gold band ring with diamond pave or Margot Robbie’s ring with a sleek yellow gold band and prongs. 

  1. Experimental Shapes

Scarlett Johansson’s engagement ring with a uniquely shaped diamond that is a cross between pear and oval cut diamond, Cardi B’s raindrop shaped halo ring, Rooney Mara’s hexagon shaped diamond ring and more are some major trendsetters. This is due to the experimental shapes of the diamonds. These give the engagement rings a unique identity and separates them from the crowd, giving them a distinctive edge that your lady love will fall over for. 

  1. Ring Stacking

Wearing an engagement ring with stacked wedding bands is also becoming a fashion statement. This has been popularised by Hailey Baldwin who wears two diamond studded stacked bands with her minimalistic ring in the middle and Reese Witherspoon who wears three stacked bands, signifying each of her children, along with her engagement ring. You might therefore want to purchase stacked bands along with your ring and add more vogue to it. 

  1. Delicate and Hidden Halo Setting

Unlike the traditional halo setting, rings having a hidden halo or thin halo are becoming the fashion. A hidden halo is usually a small diamond pave at the bottom of the centre gemstone or diamond. This is also called a gallery setting. On the other hand, one more desired setting is that of an extremely thin halo around a huge diamond centrepiece that isn’t visible from the top but gives a lovely shine when the ring is viewed from the side. Britney Spears had flaunted this setting years back and today famous faces like Lea Michele and Jessica Biel flaunt it.  

  1. Multi Stone Ring

After Meghan Markle was spotted with a three stone ring, there has been no stopping this trend. A multi stone ring makes the wearer stand out. It also looks more regal than a single stone piece. You can experiment with different diamond shapes in one ring or create a symphony of two shapes. Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski was also seen wearing a ring with a cushion diamond and a pear shaped diamond on a thick rose gold band. 

Following these a la mode will help you impress your significant other and propose in style. 

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