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The Top Diamond Engagement Ring Trends in 2020 - Part 1

27 Jan 2020 4:16:41 pm

Selecting the right diamond ring to propose to your sweetie is essential. It isn’t just another piece of jewellery but is an artefact for keeps. Hence, when selecting one, the fact that it is to remain with your to-be life partner for life is important to remember. For this very reason, this choice requires a lot of thought. 

While everyone wants to select a diamond ring that is eternal and timeless, it is significant to note that it should align with trends. Keeping your other half’s personality traits in mind is pivotal when picking out a ring, however, an old fashioned one may be an unappealing accessory. Remember, you want your partner to flaunt the ring around instead of compromising, while actually detesting it.  It is therefore prime to keep up with the latest diamond engagement ring trends before heading out to shop for the right one. 

Here is a comprehensive list of the latest ring trends that will help you choose wisely. 

  1. Colourful Assortment

Since Scarlett Johansson’s light brown diamond engagement ring, Katy Perry’s floral ring with a ruby centrepiece surrounded by clear diamonds and Jenny Slate’s sapphire flanked by small diamonds, engagement rings with a colourful centrestone have become the trend. Be it a coloured diamond or vibrant gemstones, buying it for your sweetheart is set to make their eyes glow. The easiest way to select a colour is by paying choosing the shade that you know they love or one that truly defines their personality. 

  1. Sustainable Choices

With environmentalism becoming an important cause, eco-friendly varieties are taking over the world. Lab grown diamonds are becoming all the rage as they are a sustainable alternative that eliminate mining. Moreover, ring bands made using recycled precious metals are also becoming popular. One piece that you can take major inspiration from is Bindi Irwin’s engagement ring with a lab-grown oval cut diamond on a recycled rose gold band entwined with a delicate S-shaped diamond paved ribbon. 

  1. Elongated Diamond Cuts

Shapes such as emeralds and ovals are becoming more and more sought after. This is due to the fact that these adorn your fingers like no other. Additionally, these are more visible than rounder and shorter options. Celebs, the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Katherine Schwarzenegger, both of whom flaunt an emerald shaped diamond, and Bindi Irwin, who flaunts an oval shaped masterpiece, play a huge hand in uplifting this craze. 

  1. Minimalistic Designs

The entire world is slowly and steadily embracing minimalism. It is that trend that isn’t just a fad, but is a timeless classic. Whether it be design or home decor, simple and elegant styles are taking over gaudy and flashy substitutes. A simple diamond centrepiece with a thin band looks sophisticated and eternally beautiful. One example of a minimalistic ring is supermodel Miranda Kerr’s round shaped diamond ring on a silver band, flanked by baguettes given to her by Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel.

These are a few trends that will help you select the most apt diamond ring. Explore more such trends in the second part of this blog. 

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