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The Secret of Keeping Your Diamond Sparkling Clean

22 Aug 2019 3:58:07 pm

There’s nothing as hypnotic as watching (and showing off) the brilliant sparkle of your diamond jewellery! So, it’s quite natural to have a desire to sustain that bling (forever).
No matter how harsh it sounds, your diamond is not immune to everyday buildup from exposure to oils, dirt, creams… Basically, everything your hands are exposed to.
Over time, these substances leave a (thick) film on your diamond and under your settings, which blocks the light from reflecting. Eventually, this makes the lustrous stone look drab and dull, and the diamond has lost its sparkling effect.
While it is advisable to take your prized possession to us for professional cleaning routinely, it is a wise thing to give it a clean at home to ensure its brilliance lasts for a lifetime.
How to Clean Your Diamond Jewellery?
Though diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man, it’s essential to handle them with care while cleaning. Here are some easy tips to have a sparkling clean diamond ring:
1. The Cleaning “Solution”
One of the simplest ways to keep your diamond ring as shiny as new is to soak it in a gentle cleaning solution. Take some warm water, add a few drops of mild dishwashing detergent. With an optional splash of cloudy ammonia. Now soak your ring in for about 15-20 minutes to soften the build-up on the ring. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to tenderly remove the build-up and don’t forget to get those areas under the diamond and anywhere else dirt can get trapped.
Pro-Tip: Avoid using harsh products like bleach or abrasives like toothpaste. These chemicals can cause irreparable chemical damage or scratch the surface of the ring and you will need to bring it to us sooner for a polish.
Ultrasonic cleaners are very useful for quick and thorough cleans. However, if your ring is several years old and hasn’t been brought in for a check and service for a while, we occasionally see a situation where the ring is in need of repair and the only thing keeping the diamonds in the ring can be the build-up, so it’s best to bring it into a jeweller for an ultrasonic clean and only use an at-home model sparingly.
2. Give it a Gentle Touch
When it comes to a piece of diamond jewellery, there’s an unspoken rule, and that’s “handle it with care”! Antique jewellery with old prongs and fragile settings shouldn’t be rubbed vigorously. For such pieces, it is best to just rinse (after soaking it in cleaning solution) them with water and dry it using a soft lint-free piece of cloth. Organic materials like pearls, coral, jet etc have separate cleaning rules which should always be checked before cleaning, or if in doubt please bring them in for a clean.
How Often Should You Clean Your Diamond Ornaments?
Ideally to keep your diamond spotless and shiny, try to clean it when you notice that it’s starting to look a little dull or dark. This may be once a month but depends on your activities.
It’s a good idea to visit a jeweller every six to twelve months for a professional clean. We use professional-grade products to clean the compacted layer of oil and dirt to restore the brilliance of the diamond, and can provide feedback about the health of your jewellery and advise of any required repair or additional cleaning required.

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