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The Common Mistakes To Avoid While Purchasing Diamonds

22 Dec 2020 4:09:23 pm

Diamond shopping is arguably an exhilarating experience. The purchase can and is definitely satisfying, but it can be a little too frustrating for the decision-making process to get you to the 'promised land'. There's an incredible number of stones to choose from. Couple this with the large numbers of jewellery stores and the massive sums of your hard-earned money at stake, you immediately start to feel the pressure. It is very easy to make a wrong decision with all that is at stake and fall short of the best deal. 

So, check out the following common diamond buying mistakes and just how you can prevent them before you fork out a large amount of your hard-earned cash.

All Diamonds are The Same, Except for their Design

Well, this myth would certainly harm diamond connoisseurs and lovers. It is definitely not so if you live with the illusion that all diamonds are of the same value, which only varies with the diamond size! There are distinct cuts, transparency, carat and colour variations in diamonds. On the basis of this, you will find these diamonds valued differently. So, don't get fooled by the lack of diamond variations .

It doesn't Matter from Where You Buy Diamonds

Well, trust it or not, it's as important as finding the right diamond. You may not want to believe it but many people in the industry make a living by taking advantage of others. Many diamonds sold online are not the real deal on that note, and you need to be careful. While the internet is a well of useful information and expertise, it also has a fair share of deceptive information, so work with a jewelry company that has an established track record carefully.

One of the biggest diamond purchasing errors we see is not observing the variations in diamond certification laboratories. Companies also market diamonds that are not GIA certified. Other laboratories' graded diamonds come at a discount and there's a reason for it. If you buy an E-colored diamond, you'll expect a pure white, E-colored one. Some laboratories have loose grading criteria and so, believe it or not, the E colour can possibly be a G or H colour.

Three months' salaries

To give an answer to a complex, and often subjective question, this theory was a marketing strategy. The salary from 3 months can be a considerable amount of money and may not be needed for the perfect diamond. It could be one of those diamond buying errors for some people to invest so much of their budget, it might be worth the expense and manageable for others. 

Ultimately, the option is solely yours. Sometimes it helps to target variables other than price, and then return to a budget. We also suggest that 2-3 months of post-tax salary be considered. Don't get mixed up in the numbers that way. A diamond ring is, essentially, a sign of dedication. Not only will no one be able to tell the difference if your diamond is 0.10ct smaller, but she will not love you any less. The fact that you're asking the question indicates a fairly serious commitment. An extra few bucks spent or not spent on the ring will not change your dedication.

Check Out These Tips From Our Diamond Experts

1. On your first visit or at first sight, don't buy it. Sellers need purchasers more than buyers need sellers.

2. To check the purity of the diamond, buy only certified diamonds with a laser inscription.

3. Do not be misled by "wholesale pricing" or deals too good to be true. It is easy to equate Gia diamonds with several jewellers who have access to the very same diamond most of the time.

4. Request diamond photos or video to check the brightness of the diamond

5. Don't be the expert. Always ask for suggestions from jewellers. Don't follow the advice blindly, but do inquire. To optimise your price budget, they know what to look for.

Wrapping Up

Many jewellers are not involved in partnerships that last a lifetime. You would need a good jeweller to do this again, one who knows that the initial sale is just the beginning of a long partnership to take care of the stone. It is important to ensure that adequate return policies, guarantees and other protections are in effect for after-sales service. In that sense, buying jewellery is close to buying electronics; you want to be safe.

One big decision to make is to buy a diamond, especially given the large amounts of money at stake and the desire to satisfy your significant other. As such, you should certainly think about it, educate yourself, take your time and, most importantly, recognise that the price isn't always everything. Check out All Diamonds, where we don’t sell, but we invest in long-term relationships.

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