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The 4Cs to consider when buying diamond studs!

10 Sep 2018 7:08:33 pm

Exquisite diamond stud earrings add a splash of style and elegance even to a plain looking outfit. As a versatile fashion accessory, diamond studs can dress up your look, whether it’s a formal or a casual occasion.

When selecting your diamonds for stud earrings, you want to get the best value and quality for price. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you choose a perfect pair of diamonds for some stunning studs!

A Guide to buying stunning diamond studs.

The 4 Cs - cut, colour, clarity and carat weight - are a universal standard to evaluate the quality of any diamond jewellery. Therefore, it is important to consider these 4Cs while buying diamond studs that are not only beautiful but also offer the best value.

l Cut – As earrings, the cut is a very important factor, because an exceptional cut will sparkle and scintillate on your ears as you talk and move your head around. The cut grade directly affects the quality of the sparkle which is unique to diamonds. Choose a diamond with “Excellent” or “Very Good” cut grades to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your diamond.

l Colour – Diamond colour refers to the colour, of lack thereof, in a diamond. The range starts from D, which is completely colourless, and works down the alphabet from there. On a finger it’s usually advised to keep the colour around D-G to ensure the diamond is within the colourless “white” range. That being said, earrings are a completely different ballgame and far more forgiving! We can go very comfortably down to K or L in earrings without detracting from the look of the diamonds which will also keep the price down.

l Clarity- Clarity refers to the marks in diamonds which we call Inclusions. Inclusions on diamonds are very small and almost always need a jeweller’s loupe to see them properly. We would always advise you to drop the clarity as much as you can get away with – really, there’s no need to pay more for something you can’t see. Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2) or even sometimes Included (I1 and I2) diamonds are considered to be great value and are appropriate for earrings.

l Carat Weight - The last, but a vital C is Carat Weight. This is simply the weight of the diamond which translates to the size. This is a very personal choice because size preferences will vary person to person – do you like the daytime elegance of a 0.30ct sparkle or do you make a statement with 1ct diamonds? If you’re considering a pair of earrings, it’s a great idea to see what different sizes of diamonds will look like in your earlobe before making a decision.

The 4Cs need to be considered together to make the best choice for a beautiful pair of diamonds.

After you’ve found your perfect pair of diamonds, you have to decide on the fun part: the design!! Whether you choose 4-claw, 6-claw, bezel, halo, or cluster designs is entirely up to you and the best way you can choose to express yourself

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