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How to Select the Right Diamond Shape to Adorn Your Personality?

25 Nov 2019 6:52:55 pm

Diamonds are timeless stones that hold special value in someone’s life. These are expensive long-term investments that need lifetime commitment. Therefore, when it comes to diamond jewellery, getting it right is essential.

One important decision to make when selecting diamond jewellery is selecting the right shape. This is significant as it will decide the overall look of your masterpiece. Be it diamond earrings, a diamond engagement or dress ring, diamond pendant, diamond bracelet, wedding band and more, choosing the wrong cut can lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction after spending a substantial amount of money and time.

Every person has a unique personality. These traits often govern their choices. Keeping this in mind, we at All Diamonds have devised a comprehensive list of diamond shapes that suit different personality traits to make your journey of picking out the right diamond jewellery a bit simpler.

  • Classic Brilliant Cut Diamonds:

Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular diamond shape as they can be easily integrated in any setting, be it claws, pave, halo or bezel. Additionally, these have a sparkle like no other. Developed in the 20th century, this shape makes up to 70% of diamonds sold worldwide. The main reason behind this stunning popularity is the timelessness it exuberates.

If you are a classic or a traditionalist, a brilliant cut diamond is perfect for you. It is as elegant as your soul and will always never go out of date.

  • Feminine Princess Cut Diamonds:

The second most popular diamond cut, the Princess Cut, was invented in 1960s London by jewellery designer Arpad Nagy. This diamond, also sometimes called a square modified brilliant, has a distinctive square shape with pointed edges and thereby goes perfectly in a setting with V-shaped claws to protect the corners.

As the name suggests, the princess cut is mostly preferred by dainty women who are the perfect mix of modern and classic. So if have a contemporary personality, this stylish shape is definitely the right pick.

  • Sophisticated Emerald Cut Diamonds:

Emerald cut diamonds give a “hall of mirrors” effect due to their long rectangular shape, large table and lean facets down the side that resemble stair steps. Created during the art deco period, this cut oozes glamour and confidence.

For someone who commands the spotlight and has a charismatic personality that attracts everyone, emerald cut diamonds are the obvious choice. This is probably the reason why some of the most influential fashion icons such as Amal Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Beyoncé sport an engagement ring with this diamond as a centrepiece. It truly is for the boss lady.

  • Vintage Asscher Cut Diamonds:

Asschers were largely found in antique and vintage stores during the 1920s and were brought back to fame when Sarrah Jessice Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw wore it in Sex and the City after her character got engaged to Aidan Shaw. This shape is a square version of the emerald cut diamond but has more brilliance owing to the larger step facets, smaller table and higher crown.

This diamond is the perfect match for an old soul. To an antiquarian who loves the period era, nothing can compare to Asscher cut diamonds.

  • Romantic Cushion Cut Diamonds:

Due to its rectangular shape and rounded edges, cushion cut diamond resembles a pillow, hence its namesake. This diamond has an air of romance and elegance. This makes it highly in demand for engagement rings.

If you are a romantic person who is as clear on your ideologies as wants, a cushion diamond will support your strong yet sentimental personality.

  • Confident Radiant Cut Diamonds:

A radiant cut diamond is the perfect balance. It is a cross between the elegance of the emerald cut and the brilliance of the round cut. This diamond is one of the most underrated options and is a very bold choice.

A radiant cut diamond is made for someone who is confident enough to experiment and stand out. This is one of the reasons why truly radiant personalities like Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Lopez have sported this cut.

  • Creative Oval Cut Diamonds:

As brilliant as a round diamond, this cut is slightly elongated. The shape makes it perfect for people with smaller hands and shorter finger. It gives a longer illusion to the hand while the fingers appear more slender.

Due to its innovative and illusionary properties, oval cut diamond is the right selection for somebody who is creative, bold and unique. It is for a person who loves to stand out and does not follow trends.

  • Sensational Marquise Cut Diamonds:

The marquise cut diamond has a dramatic history. As per legend, it was created in the 18th century during the reign of Louis XV as a gift for his mistress, Marquise de Pompadour. The king allegedly wanted the diamond to resemble her radiant smile. Its unique shape consists of an oval with rounded sides and pointed ends.

This diamond is ideal for someone who is edgy and likes to create her own rules. It truly is for invented for a woman who is fun loving, different and a real go-getter.

  • Unique Pear Cut Diamonds:

A hybrid between round and marquise cut diamonds, this diamond is drop shaped. It sparkles brilliantly and the shape makes it appear bigger than a round diamond of the same carat.

If you are someone who marches to their own drum, is distinguished, adventurous and fun, a pear shaped diamond will be your best life decision. It is just unique and a little eccentric, like your beautiful personality.

  • Tender Heart Cut Diamonds:

A heart cut diamond signified romance, emotion and sentiment. It is usually preferred for dress jewellery and not often utilised for engagement rings.

Very few people select this diamond. Usually these are hopeless romantics who literally wear their hearts on their sleeves and use this diamond to symbolise love and sentimentality. This is thus the apt choice for tender-hearted individuals.

So here it is, a list of the various diamonds cuts to illuminate your individuality. Ultimately there are two main factors that come into play for choosing your perfect diamond shape: a match for your personality and a match for your hand. It’s always best to try on shapes in person to confirm your choice.

If you are looking for customised diamond jewellery in Australia, call All Diamonds’ experts. We will guide you and provide accessories made using GIA certified, non-conflict diamonds to satisfy your soul.

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