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How to Select the Right Diamond Jewellery?

18 May 2020 8:35:00 pm

Diamond jewellery is a luxurious addition to every wardrobe. Not only is it shiny to look at, it also exudes class and panache. Moreover, diamond jewellery is also an expensive investment, and therefore being sure that you are buying right becomes all the more important. 

Today, diamonds are used in necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings as well as bangles among other accessories. There is thereby a plethora of choices in the market. Moreover, the supply matches the abundant demand owing to the many stores and designers present out there.  Selecting the right design, piece of jewellery, quality and can hence become cumbersome. 

In order to help individuals solve this issue, we have compiled a guide on choosing the right diamond jewellery. Given below are a few things to consider before buying any diamond piece.

  • Define the Purpose

The very first step to selecting your diamond jewellery is defining the purpose of making the purchase. Decide your ultimate goal by figuring out if you need a diamond accessory for a long-time commitment such as marriage or engagement or for a party and other classic events. You might even want to buy diamond jewellery for a special life event such as birthday, baby shower or more. 

Determining your purpose will make selection of jewellery and design a little easier. For example, for a marriage proposal you might consider an engagement ring or wedding band that is eternal yet elegant. On the other hand, for cocktail parties, black tie events and others, the choice of jewellery is more varied and you can even play around with trends. For a memorable piece of jewellery, it is wise to select a design that never goes out of style, such as a name necklace or a charm bracelet.

  • Research Latest trends

Just like clothing, hairstyle and many other aspects, you might want your diamond jewellery to be in line with the latest trends as well. For these very reasons, before selecting a piece of jewellery it is necessary to do a little research on what the market trends are. After all, no one wants to spend their hard-earned money on an old fashioned accessory that results in no appreciation or returns. In order to familiarise yourself, you can read our list of 2020 jewelry trends. You can then choose a piece accordingly. 

  • Consider Your Budget

Diamond jewellery is expensive. The range general starts from $10000 and goes upto millions of dollars. Hence, buying jewellery is a money costly job. Although, there might be certain jewellery providers who sell at a lesser rate and mediocre quality. If you have budget issues, you can get a decent piece from these sellers. Additionally, you can also select smaller pieces like studs, pendants, bracelets or rings with smaller diamonds and so on as these are reasonably priced. If you are looking for a sophisticated piece that outshines others nonetheless, it is advisable to choose the best quality piece which may be high costing but provides the best value for money by making your personality shine. 

  • Match Your Personal Style

When it comes to jewellery it is necessary to make sure that it matches your personal style. Something that isn’t you can lead to eventual dislike. Diamond jewellery is eternal and thus you want something that you feel proud of forever. 

In order to determine your personal style, evaluate the kind of jewellery you own. This will help narrow down your choices. Furthermore, you can choose jewellery as per the outfits in your closet. If you have more pants and tops, simpler designs are your go to. If you have dresses and other fancy clothes occupying your wardrobe, you might want to choose more elaborate pieces. 

If you are confused, you can ask your trusted friends and relatives to advise you on what suits your personality the most. After this, you can choose a piece that truly magnifies your individuality. 

  • Pay Attention to the Size

When it comes to diamond jewellery, size matters a lot. It is important to accurately measure your finger for engagement rings or cocktail rings. For a bracelet, you should measure the size of your wrist and then get one made which is just an inch or two bigger. Besides, a diamond necklace should not cling to the neck. However, this can be adjusted using rings. 

In addition to this, you also need to take care of the diamond size. Traditionally, the bigger the diamond, the more expensive it is, save for low quality offerings. Consequently you need to select a size that is within your budget range. 

  • Evaluate the Trust Factor

Always choose diamond jewellery that has been certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). This ensures that you are buying quality and real diamonds instead of being duper. Other than this, it is also advisable to make sure that the seller is reputable. In order to ensure this, it is advisable to read online reviews and ask for recommendations. 

  • Don’t Forget the Four Cs

The GIA has a few specified standards for diamonds. These are known as the 4 Cs. Familiarising yourself with these is of essence in order to make sure that you purchase optimal standard diamond jewellery. These 4 Cs stand for colour, cut, clarity and carat. The colour of the diamond can be classified from D-Z. The more clear your diamond is, the better it’s quality. Therefore, choose a range that is near to D. Apart from this, the cut varies from excellent to poor ranges. A badly cut diamond equates to low luminosity. Therefore, select accessories that have diamonds whose cuts fall into the excellent to good category. The clarity factor ensures that the diamond is free of inclusions and blemishes. It is wise to get the diamond assessed for this. Lastly, the carat determines the weight of the diamond. The more the carat, the better the diamond quality. Nonetheless more carat is also equal to more price. Therefore select a carat as per your budget but try to not go too low. 

Following the above steps will result in satisfactory results. These will thus help you select the right diamond jewellery with much ease.

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