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How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Carat Size for the Engagement Ring?

2 Aug 2018 5:48:57 pm

Have you chosen a diamond shape for your engagement ring?


But, you are still confused, because you have yet to choose the perfect diamond carat size.

In our experience, we have noticed that diamond carat size is one of the most common reasons for confusion in the ring design process.

Choosing the perfect diamond size for an engagement ring is almost as overwhelming as choosing the shape. We talked about diamond shapes in our previous blog. (Read the blog here). In this blog, we will help you guide through the process of choosing carat size.

Where to Start?

People usually take the approach of ‘bigger, the better’, while picking the carat size. But, this approach rarely works.

While choosing the most complimentary carat size, you need to keep factors like personal style, hand size, cut, budget and diamond setting preference.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind while selecting diamond carat:  

#1: Size vs Weight:

A carat is a unit of weight used to measure gemstones and particularly diamonds. Being a metric unit, diamonds are weighed by “points” and one hundred points make one carat. If you hear the term “ten points”, this is one tenth of a carat, and one point is one hundredth of a carat, and so on.

The average diamond weight varies according to where you are, and even who you ask! You’ve probably heard of 1 carat being the golden standard which holds true to most people. That being said, we have been getting an influx of couples who prefer larger stones, in the ranges of 1.20ct-1.50ct or even bigger!

It’s important to remember that a carat is simply the weight of the diamond and another important factor is the physical size of the diamond. Look at the dimension of the diamond: all diamonds are a little different. A diamond that has most of its weight in the bottom of the diamond will look smaller than a diamond with ideal proportions because it will be carrying all of its weight underneath the table where you can’t see it. When you look at long stones like ovals, pears, or emerald cuts, there will be some longer and skinnier stones and some that are wider and it usually comes down to the individual to decide which proportion they prefer. Personally, I would prefer a long 1ct pear cut diamond over a wide 1.5ct!

#2: Lifestyle:

It is important you consider your partner’s lifestyle before deciding the carat size. If your partner has an active lifestyle, they may not want a big, prominent centre stone and a small but high quality diamond might be more suitable.

#3: Personal Style:

Does your partner wear other diamond jewellery? If so, a larger diamond may set the engagement ring apart from the rest!
For someone a bit more modest who doesn’t wear much jewellery, a smaller diamond may be the perfect choice.

# 4 Finger Size:

Finger size is an oft-ignored factor which should definitely be considered. Hands come in all shapes and sizes and the same diamond will look very different on different people. A large diamond will look much larger on a petite hand.

#5 Budget:

Budget is an important factor that you need to consider before choosing a size. While you might love a bigger stone, it could be a burden on your pocket. Make a budget beforehand and decide the following:

-Would you rather sacrifice another component of the diamond (e.g colour) to get a bigger diamond?

- Have you seen different diamond sizes in real life? A diamond set in a ring will look bigger than a diamond on its own. A computer image of a diamond doesn’t reflect the size, even if it’s on a model’s finger.

-Would you be willing to stretch your budget to get your perfect diamond? If so, consider a reasonable limit. If not, you may need to come up with a happy compromise for the diamond (colour, cut, clarity, and carat – what we call the Four Cs).

Our Take:

The size of the diamond can be imperative to the perfect engagement ring, the perfect diamond size is different from person to person. At All Diamonds, we can assist you in selecting the perfect diamond size at the best price.

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