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Why is A Halo Setting Popular for Diamond Engagement Rings?

27 Nov 2020 7:32:32 pm

When you set out to buy diamond rings, there is no dearth of options. Diamonds are available in a number of shapes and sizes. Moreover, you get a wide choice of metal bands and settings. 

One popular choice when it comes to diamond settings is a halo engagement ring. There are a number of reasons why people choose halo diamond rings for their partners. Some of these are discussed below. 

  • Enhanced Sparkle

The biggest advantage of a halo setting is that it has a centre stone surrounded by smaller diamonds. Due to the layers of diamonds, the sparkle of the ring is intensified. Therefore, it looks glamorous and catches attention when worn by your partner around their finger. No other setting leads to such luster without having to invest a lot of money. 

  • Better Protection to the Centre Diamond

Due to the circle of diamonds around the centre stone, a halo leads to better safety. There are less chances of breaking or scratching the centre diamond due to the outer layer of security. Therefore, a halo engagement ring is more lost lasting than other settings such as prongs where the diamond coming loose becomes a higher possibility. Due to this feature, a halo engagement ring needs lower maintenance and is preferred. 

  • Your Ring Appears Bigger

Due to the layer of diamond surrounding the centre diamond, the overall ring looks bigger in a halo setting. It is clearly visible on your partner’s fingers even if the size of the middle diamond is smaller than that in other settings. This leads to most people investing in halo settings since they appear grandiose despite the lower investment. 

  • Goes with Any Diamond Shape

There are various diamond settings that don’t go with certain diamond cuts. Nonetheless, the halo is versatile. It goes with every diamond shape and looks great. Whether you choose an oval, emerald, marquise or pear cut diamond, a halo around it will do the trick. In fact, for pointier cuts, a halo can result in smoother edges while protecting the sharpness of the edges of the centre stone. Thus, it is hands down the most adaptable setting.

  • Value for Money

As mentioned above, a halo doesn’t require a huge or sparkly centerstone. Therefore, you can choose a smaller, low quality stone and cover up its flaws with the surrounding diamond ring all around it. This gives you a bang on your buck and you can ensure that your engagement ring falls within your budget while also standing out and looking expensive. For someone who is looking for value for money, a halo setting is the best selection. 

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