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What Are the Diamond Engagement Ring Trends of 2021?

13 Jan 2021 8:27:18 pm

When it comes to buying engagement rings, you need to invest into something that is set to impress. The best way to do this is to research the current trends and pop the question with something that your sweetheart will love. In order to make the job easier for you, we have compiled a list of seven major diamond engagement ring trends for the year 2021. These are discussed below. 

  • Vintage Inspired Styles

If you are looking for something that is timeless as well as alluring, an art deco or victorian era ring is perfect for you. The intricate milgrain, filigree and exaggerated halos give them a distinct, royal feel. Their grandeur and surety of design is why they are back in trend. Whether you are getting a family heirloom refurbished, buying a diamond ring at an auction or investing in a new one, a vintage inspired ring is set to impress.

  • Multi Stone Rings

While a single diamond looks elegant, a two diamond ring and three diamond ring are more blingy and attractive. A two-diamond ring is often called Toi et Moi ring. It has a more philosophical origin as it stands for two souls becoming one, making it the most romantic diamond engagement ring. Your two-diamond ring can consist of two similar diamonds or two differently cut diamonds. On the other hand, a tree-diamond ring was popularised due to Meghan Markle’s cushion cut ring flanked by two round cut diamonds. Symbolically, the three diamonds represent the past, present and future or love, friendship and fidelity in a couple’s life. You can mix in different diamond shapes or go with the same cut in different sizes. 

  • Classic Styles

A diamond ring consisting of a single centerstone has been the most classic form of an engagement ring. It never goes out of style. Being the safe option, most people are picking out ring designs that are consistent. This is especially beneficial if you shop online. Classic rings are however made more modern by giving them a hidden halo or a sleek metal band. The center diamond shines out and adds to the simplistic charm. 

  • Blue and Green Center Stones

Gone are the days of pink or yellow. Blue and emerald green center stones are now in fashion. Blue stands for truth and calm. Additionally, it is available in a variety of shades including aqua, turquoise and so on. It looks beautiful in various shapes and sizes. Therefore, it is extremely versatile. Apart from this, an emerald or green center stone also exudes beauty. These are associated with new beginnings and serenity. In addition, there is a shade of emerald for every skin tone. Thus, you can never go wrong with it. However, it is important to remember that emerald is difficult to maintain and hence it has to be cleaned regularly. It is also essential to keep away from harmful chemicals when cleaning your emerald diamond ring. You can choose blue and green stones in a setting that suits your personality. 

  • Comeback of The Yellow Gold

Yellow gold has always been a versatile metal. It is warm and goes with every engagement ring setting, diamond cut and colour. In recent years, silver and platinum have been the more popular metals. Nonetheless, with the onset of 2021, yellow gold has made a comeback. These add a vintage feel to your ring and bring out the diamond better than other metals. Twists such as a hidden halo or a thicker band are added to give the metal a modern spin. 

  • Band Style Rings

Rings that can double up as wedding bands are certainly gaining popularity. These are easy to maintain and look simple yet elegant. In addition to this, there is no need to invest in a separate wedding band when buying engagement rings with wider bands. Wedding band style rings are also unisex. Matching designs can be worn by the husband and wife. To add an element of glamour, the band can be encrusted with diamonds. You can also get stackable rings made that make up for both an engagement ring and a wedding band. These can be worn alternatively, together on different fingers or stacked on top of one another.

  • Rose Cut Diamonds

A rose cut diamond is extremely unique. It consists of a flat bottom and a raised top, like that of a dome. The shape makes it look like a rose bud. This cut was originally invented in the 1500s. What distinguishes it is the fact that it has less facets, lacks the pointiness of other cuts and it emanates a glassy shine. Nevertheless, the flat bottom gives it a bigger look. Therefore, your stone looks biggers despite a lower carat weight, making for a smart investment. While the craze for this cut had died down, Lily Collins’ rose cut engagement ring brought it back to the forefront. 

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