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What Are the Common Misconceptions About Diamond Rings?

27 Mar 2021 8:48:55 pm

If you are looking for a diamond engagement ring in Melbourne, you need to choose right. This is because your love deserves the perfect accessory. But when you set out to buy a diamond ring, there are always certain myths associated with it. It is essential to stray away from these in order to choose right. 

To help you make the right decision, we have debunked various engagement ring misconceptions below. 

  • A Diamond Ring is Always Expensive

The first thing that comes into anyone’s mind when investing in a diamond engagement ring is that it will roughly cost them three months of salary. However, in today’s day and age, that is a myth. You have many options in terms of diamond shapes, clarity, weight, metal type and so on. Therefore, it is not that difficult to find a diamond ring that is well within your budget. Moreover, you also have numerous payment options. Some jewellers allow you to pay for the diamond ring in installments. This makes the ring buying process quite reasonable. This also means that you don’t necessarily need to save up all your life in order to buy an engagement ring. 

  • An Engagement Ring Needs to Have a Large Diamond

The worth of a diamond has largely been associated with its size. It is believed by many that the larger the diamond, the more superior your ring is. But in reality, there are several other factors that determine the quality of the diamond and ultimately your ring. Larger diamonds may not have the apt clarity grading or an elegant cut. Additionally, a larger diamond may just appear bigger without having the right density, making it a weaker investment. The look of your engagement ring will also depend on the quality of metal you choose for the band. Hence, a big diamond may not always be a wise choice. Besides, if your partner prefers something subtle, this may in fact mess things up. 

  • Round Diamonds are the Best Diamonds 

Many people believe that round brilliant diamonds are the best investment. This is because there is a general belief that they always shine brighter, look bigger and are less expensive than other diamond cuts. But the actuality of things is very different. Cost depends on way too many factors. A round brilliant diamond will in fact cost more than other fancy shapes such as heart and ascher because of its shine. Additionally, the fancier cuts may appear on the same clarity and brilliance level despite the lower price due to their structure. Thus, even in terms of appearance, the fancier shapes may look more charming and interesting than the same old round shaped diamonds. When it comes to size, there is no doubt that round diamonds look big. Nonetheless, there are other options such as the elongated oval, emerald diamonds and more that may also look big, sometimes for a lesser price. The options and possibilities are endless. 

  • Lower Grades, such as SI1 and SI2, Should Never Be Invested In

Clarity grades usually determine if a diamond is free of inclusions or not. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that these are subjective. Not all diamonds with low clarity grade look weaker. When it comes to coloured diamonds, lower clarity sometimes means more vibrance. Therefore, when it comes to SI1 and SI2 diamonds, they cannot always be ignored because they are considered to be inferior. Sometimes, their hue may set them apart from mainstream diamonds. At other times, when put in a ring, the inclusions may hardly be visible due to the setting. Some SI grade diamonds may flaunt unique diamond cuts, making clarity a second priority. This makes them a good investment in lower cost. Apart from this, when compared for VS grade diamonds, the clarity of SI grade diamonds is higher. These factors need to be kept in mind when buying a ring for your beloved instead of sticking to preconceived notions. 

  • Fluorescence is a Bad Attribute

More often than not, fluorescence is seen as a bad attribute that a diamond possesses. It is equated to lower clarity and brilliance. However, fluorescence can be beautiful. It can lead to uniquely coloured diamonds that are very attractive. These can make for the most amazing stones on a diamond engagement ring. The only time fluorescence should be considered bad is when it generates a hazy looking rock. In addition, most diamonds have some level of fluorescence that rarely affects its outer appearance. In this case, it only guarantees a perfectly good diamond at a lower price point. Hence, unless the diamond looks milky, fluorescence is far from a bad thing. 

  • Customisation will Lead to More Spending 

Anything bespoke is usually equated to being expensive. When it comes to diamond rings, this is far from true. Customisation can in fact yield tremendous results for a smaller amount spent. The best part about customised engagement rings is that you are able to get exactly what you want. A store-bought diamond ring may require size modifications and may still not result in that perfection you desire. You can get a similar design made with the quality of diamonds and metal that suits your budget. Additionally, a personalised diamond ring is unique and can represent the personality of your better half. You will not have to spend on size changes because the ring is made as per the finger measurements of your partner. All these point to the fact that customised engagement rings are instead a cheaper and wiser investment than store bought designs. 

  • Certain Metals are Weaker than the Others

With changing trends, certain metals are not as fashionable as the rest. For example, at the moment, rose gold and yellow gold are trending metal. Nonetheless, it is important to understand that there are only four major metals that have been used in jewellery designing for years. Therefore, each one is a classic. For this very reason, even if rose and yellow gold are trending at the moment, it doesn’t make platinum and white gold any less. They will still yield beautiful rings that are set to impress your sweetheart.

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