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Top Seven Best Diamond Jewellery for Your Special Day

15 Oct 2020 5:21:00 pm

Your special days are few. This is what makes them truly unique. There will usually only be a single time when you graduate, marry or turn 21. To commemorate all these occasions of your life, you need something equally special. This is where diamond jewellery comes in. It gives your special day an edge over the rest and helps you immortalise the lovely moments in your life. Given below is a list of the top seven best diamond jewellery that will take your celebratory moments to the next level. 

  • Engagement Rings 

An engagement ring speaks for itself. It is used to commemorate eternal love, the kind that makes you want to spend a lifetime with someone. A diamond engagement ring is not only enchanting but is also a sign of permanence and solidity. It helps your other half understand how precious they are to you and brings a huge smile on their face. All Diamonds is an online diamond jewellery store in Nicholls that provides the most exquisite diamond jewellery designs. Moreover, they also customise diamond engagement rings for your unique love story. 

  • Wedding Bands

Just like an engagement ring, a wedding band is also a sign of eternal love, but its significance is even more. A wedding band signifies commitment and hard work. It showcases the willingness to work in order to stay together. Additionally, unlike an engagement ring, it is not so fancy. The design is usually sleek and elegant, signifying more of an evergreen bond rather than just the glamorous of love. Adding diamonds on your wedding bands gives these a distinct charm. It increases their lustre and acts as a symbol of a bright and glowing life together. All Diamonds provides multiple wedding band options with the most timeless designs. You can choose a wedding band from our collection and make your wedding day even more memorable.

  • Dress Rings

Rings aren’t just a sign of commitment. Certain rings also signify adoration, achievement and much more. Dress rings are the kind of decorative rings that can act as a sentimental gift on your special day. Whether it is your birthday, a promotion, anniversary or something else, a dress ring acts as an adorable piece of jewellery that holds just as much importance as an engagement ring. In addition, you can even wear these rings as a commitment to yourself, thereby celebrating your self-love and devotion. All Diamonds has the ultimate collection of dress rings flanked with illuminous diamonds. These can also be personalised to suit your taste. Our dress rings are set to touch upon the feeling of warmth you desire on special occasions.  

  • Bracelet

Unlike a ring, a bracelet is easier to carry. It can be strung around your arm and can become an accent piece onto your body. A bracelet is a much revered gift due to its subtleness. It is charming but in an understated manner, which is what makes it a sophisticated gift. A bracelet typically acts as a great birthday gift, graduation gift, pre-maternal gift and so on. It showcases the end of one phase and new beginnings in your life. Apart from this, it gives more leeway to creativity. A bracelet can be customised as per a person’s interests, making them feel extra loved. It is a sign of friendship, reverence and love. All Diamonds provides diamond bracelets that attract attention but are not too in the face. These are available in intricate designs and can also be modelled after one’s personality. More philosophical designs such as infinity symbols aso hold a lot of value. 

  • Bangles

Bangles are extravagant. They are the most unique form of jewellery you can invest in. These are a great wedding gift in certain cultures. Other than this, these also act as the perfect anniversary present or pre-natal offerings. Bangles showcase acceptance like no other. They are an emblem of adoration. There are many types of bangles available in different materials, however, diamond encrusted metal bangles are incomparable. All Diamonds provides diamond bangles in yellow gold, platinum, white gold and rose gold. These exuberate beauty and are a little more glamorous than bracelets. This makes them the right choice for individuals who prefer exoticism over subtlety. Nonetheless, for individuals who prefer simplicity, our engraved bangles are a wise selection. 

  • Pendants

Pendants hold a special significance in everyone’s lives. Just like bracelets, these are for special days that indicate a new phase in your life. But unlike bracelets, their charm is magnificent. A pendant can change your entire aura while making you feel adored. Pendants are the most individualistic piece of jewellery. The designs are many and can be used to showcase one’s personality in the best possible manner. These can make the most basic attire look sophisticated. All Diamonds provides diamond pendants having butterflies, hearts, simple centrepiece stones and so on. You can even gift a pendant customised as per a person’s initials on their special day. 

  • Earrings

Earrings are an extravagant pair of jewellery. These are much more intimate than a bracelet or pendant. Meanwhile, these also enhance the glow of your facial features. Different earrings can be gifted on different life occasions. A peppy pair of earrings with musical symbols, food and so on can be gifted on birthdays and other such light days. On the other hand, sophisticated drop earrings or elegant studs can grace memorable occasions such as graduations, marriage, motherhood and many more. All Diamonds deals in diamond earrings that stand out. Our collection includes a plethora of varieties to choose from. 

No matter what diamond jewellery in Melbourne you are looking for, All Diamonds is a one-stop shop. Our GIA certified diamond pieces can be customised as per your needs. However, our ready-made jewellery is lesser than none. Call us today to book your lifetime pieces.


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