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Tips to Ensure the Best Results with Custom Diamond Jewellery in Melbourne

26 May 2021 12:56:00 pm

When it comes to buying diamond jewellery, there isn’t a lack of options. However, sometimes even if you look at the collection displayed by the best jewellery stores, you may not find something that you truly want. Since diamond jewellery is already expensive, you likely don’t want to end up investing in something that is even mildly subpar. Thankfully, with designer jewellery stores becoming more and more accessible, you have another option.

Off the rack jewellery from a Melbourina store has a number of limitations and will rarely be able to suffice your imagination. The best way to end up with something exquisite is to invest in custom diamond jewellery in Melbourne. This is individualistic, unique and will give you the fulfillment of having put your money somewhere worthy. 

While the idea of buying custom diamond jewellery seems exciting, it is not short of pitfalls. For an instance, custom is always costlier than off-the-rack. Therefore, your diamond ring with pear cut diamonds that is bought off the rack will be a lot more affordable than the same diamond ring when custommade. Apart from this, bringing your vision to life is a cumbersome and time consuming process. Moreover, it may not result in something that completely aligns with your imagination. 

Despite the above cons, there are ways to ensure that you get the best output when investing in custom jewellery. Some tips are mentioned below. 

  • Have Clarity

When you set out to invest in custommade designs, it is important to have a clear picture in your head. You cannot go to a designer with a vague idea about the kind of output you want. Prior research and clarity of idea is important in order to land up with a successful personalised piece. 

Whether you are getting a piece customised for you or someone else, you can note down personality traits, likes and dislikes. For example, you need to understand whether a diamond pendant made with rare pear cut diamonds or classic round brilliants is preferable. 

You may also need to have an idea about the metal that would be the best investment. Looking up designs on the internet after deciding on the above factors will help with inspiration. Post this, you may want to consult a qualified jewellery designer for inputs. This will finally give you an idea that is nearer to reality and can be put out on paper. 

  • Keep Educated 

Another thing to ensure is that you educate yourself about the three Cs of diamonds, the pros and cons of various metals and the expenses that you will have to make. This knowledge will help you decide whether you want to go through with your decision to buy custom diamond jewellery in Melbourne. Additionally, such knowledge will also help you ensure that you are not being cheated into investing high amounts of money into low quality diamonds. Educating yourself about the latest jewellery trends will also help you come up with the best design ideas. 

  • Choose the Right Designer

While custom made jewellery feels more personalised, not everything can be done by you alone. You need the help of a professional jewellery designer who is well versed with the market. Only then can you expect to bring your idea to reality. Nonetheless, it is not wise to hire any designer you come across. 

When selecting a jewellery designer, you may want to ask a jeweller you trust to help you with the process or recommend the best professional. You can also ask your close ones and read up online reviews in order to select the best designer. If this doesn’t result in a clear state of mind, an appointment with your shortlisted jewellery designers will help with easier decision making. 

  • Bring Vision to Actuality

After having a clear vision and collaborating with the best designers, it's time to bring your custom diamond jewellery in Melbourne to life. Nevertheless, blindly investing in something you haven’t yet seen can also lead to trouble. Near to reality references assist greatly in such situations. 

Ask your jewellery designer for CAD files that display how your vision will look in reality. Then you can sit with them to correct anything that doesn’t align with your vision. Post this, a mock design in the form of a 3D wax model can help get a realer idea. This gives you a greater scope to end up with something that is closer to your imagination. The flaws with the design, for instance, smaller pear cut diamonds than you imagined, can be corrected and the final piece can be made flawless. 

If you are looking for custom diamond jewellery in Melbourne, All Diamonds can help. We are a jewellery store in Nicholls having the best designers who can help bring your fantasy to life. What’s more? We only used GIA certified diamonds in the process. 

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