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The Best Pink Diamonds as Sported by Celebrities

27 Apr 2021 4:37:57 pm

One of the most searched about coloured diamonds are pink diamonds in Melbourne. Most of the stock for these is obtained from the Argyle mines in Australia. The best part about these pink diamonds of Australia is that they are quite rare. However, their rarity has worked like a charm for engagement rings. 

There are many celebrities who have sported Argyle pink diamonds as a centrestone on their engagement ring over the years. These luxurious and unique rings are loaded with pink diamonds of different shades adorn their larger than life personality. However, there are some rings that stand out from the rest. These have been curated and mentioned below. 

  • Jennifer Lopez

While JLo has been the recipient of many beautiful engagement rings from her doting fiances over the years, the one that stands out is her engagement ring from Ben Affleck. While the popular couple split before walking down the aisle, the engagement ring had made quite the headlines, such that it took the trend of pink diamonds in Melbourne to quite the high. 

The pink diamond engagement ring consisted of 6.10 carat fancy intense pink diamond, in radiant cut, as the centre stone. This was flanked by white diamond side accents. The engagement ring had made coloured diamonds quite the trend. Costing around $3 Million, it became one of the most talked about engagement rings. It also acted as the pioneer for the rising demand for pink diamonds in Australia and worldwide. 

  • Anna Kournikova

When the heartthrob singer, Enrique Iglesias, proposed to popular tennis player Anna Kournikova, he didn't hide her adoration of her. In fact, he proposed in style with an engagement ring that really stood out. Made with Argyle pink diamonds, the engagement ring became quite the talk of town.

The engagement ring consisted of a centrepiece pear diamond weighing 11 carats, surrounded by trillion cut diamonds. Having a champagne colour, the diamond was placed of a plain white gold plain band. Cost $2.5 million, the ring is one of the most breathtaking engagement rings made with pink diamonds of Australia. 

  • Victoria Beckham 

Over the course of their perfect married life, David Backham has showered his lady love with the most exquisite engagement rings, 15 in total. While all were unique in their own stride, the one that is quite memorable is the huge pink diamond blinger. 

Pink diamonds in Australia are quite popular due to their prevalence in the Argyle mines. Even the Beckhams couldn’t stay away from their mesmerising aura. Posh’s ring consists of a champagne oval cut diamond ring. Put in a halo setting, the $1.1 million ring is a complete stunner and shines on the finger like no other. 

  • Blake Lively 

Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively and her husband Ryan Reynolds have been quite the ideal couple for far too long. Nonetheless, before they secretly tied the knot, Reynolds doted on Lively with an incomparable engagement ring that couldn’t stay hidden during the brief courtship period. 

The pale pink diamond ring on a slim pave encrusted in small solitaires became as much a style statement as a symbol of their love. The subtle colour and the thin band made for one of the classiest engagement rings in history, making it quite famous as the ultimate ring encrusted in pink diamonds in Australia and worldwide. 

  • Mariah Carey

Hit pop singer Mariah Carrey deserves something out of the world and thankfully her then fiance, Nick Cannon, knew that well. He showered Carray with an incomparable piece of jewellery. Her engagement ring goes down as the ultimate one consisting of pink diamonds in Melbourne and globally. 

Her ring consists of  a huge and stunning emerald cut diamond weighing 17 carats. This clear stone was surrounded by 58 small pink diamonds, giving it a distinctive edge and diva aesthetic, personifying the songstress’ personality. The whopping $10 million ring is an absolute stunner that many want to replicate.

These celebrity rings have made pink diamond engagement rings quite the phenomenon. Nonetheless, finding pink diamonds for a reasonable price can be a difficult task. Nonetheless, certain jewellers can help you latch on to the trend for comparatively affordable prices.

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