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How to Match Your Diamond Engagement Rings with Diamond Earrings?

27 Mar 2021 8:59:57 pm

Your engagement ring is special. It is a symbol of commitment and love. Nevertheless, as your wedding day nears, you may want to invest in other jewellery that goes well with your ring. One of the most important accessories is a pair of complimenting earrings. You need to ensure that these coordinate your diamond engagement ring in Melbourne.

Finding diamond earrings in Melbourne to match your diamond engagement ring is an intricate process. Although, there are some tips that can help. These are discussed below. 

  • Invest in Designer Wedding Sets

When it comes to your wedding, everything needs to be perfect. Therefore, instead of running around to find diamond earrings in Melbourne that match your engagement ring, it is better to pre-plan. Instead of buying just a diamond engagement ring in Melbourne, you can invest in a whole set. Moreover, instead of going for a ready-made diamond jewellery set, it is better to get one customised to ensure a unique design that complements your personality. 

  • Match the Diamond Cut

If you wish to make sure that your diamond earring always matches your engagement ring, the diamond cut is of important consideration. When you go out to shop for diamond earrings in Melbourne, ensure that the centrestone matches the diamond cut of your engagement ring. This will ensure that your jewellery is co-ordinated. In this case however, it is better to go with diamond studs instead of elaborate designs. These look elegant when paired with your diamond engagement ring in Melbourne. 

  • Ponder Upon Contrasting Metals 

The biggest confusion when shopping for diamond earrings in Melbourne to go with your engagement ring is deciding what metal to consider. Usually, matching metals are chosen. Nonetheless, in times when you want to diversify, a complementing contrast can be established. The rule to this is that a diamond engagement ring in Melbourne that is made of yellow gold can be matched easily with white gold earrings and vice versa. This is because white gold is highly versatile. The same cannot be established for rose gold. Nevertheless, the ultimate decision is always dependent on your personal preference. 

  • Coordinate Diamond Colour

When it comes to coloured diamonds, it is better to not take a risk. In case you buy a diamond engagement ring in Melbourne with a yellow or pink centrestone, it is advisable that you adorn your earrings with the same. When you invest in diamond earrings in Melbourne, don’t forget to take your engagement ring along to make sure the shade of the centrestone matches the diamonds in the earrings. Besides, you can also choose earrings that have a combination of clear and coloured diamonds. Another way out is to use a coloured centrestone flanked with smaller clear diamonds. 

  • Sport the Same Vibe

Another important thing to remember when buying a diamond earring in Melbourne is to ensure that the aesthetic is in tune with that of your engagement ring. In case your diamond engagement ring in Melbourne has a halo setting, ensure that the same goes for your earrings. Similarly, victorian engagement rings need to be paired with victorian danglers and modern ones can be paired with clean modern studs. 

Whether you are looking for diamond earrings or a diamond engagement ring in Melbourne, All diamonds can help. You can browse through our collection or get GIA certified diamond jewellery designed as per your preferences. 

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