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Buying Pink Diamonds? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

17 Aug 2020 7:25:00 pm

Pink diamonds are amongst the rarest coloured diamonds. Their lovely tint, rare availability and geological composition make these a unique possession. Moreover, these are believed to be available in controlled quantities and are thus regarded as investments. Owing to their uniqueness, they and are even auctioned off at events. 

All the above things point towards the fact that owning a pink diamond is quite desirable. However, before you set out to buy these extraordinary diamonds, here are a few things you need to know about them. 

How Affordable are Pink Diamonds?

Due to their rare availability, pink diamonds are quite expensive. In fact one carat of pink diamonds ranges from around $1000 to $10,000 depending on the quality. These are therefore usually sported by the uber rich and celebrities. However, finding a pink diamond that is on the cheaper side is possible. Many factors need to be researched to find these. 

What are the Shades that These are Available?

Pink diamonds are not available in just one shade. Just like other coloured diamonds they are graded as per their tint. These gradings are as follows:

  • Faint

  • Very light

  • Light

  • Fancy light

  • Fancy intense

  • Fancy deep 

  • Fancy vivid

Amongst these, the lighter colours such as very light pink are more affordable that deeper shades like fancy vivid. Additionally, a lot of times, pink diamonds are not pure pink but have shades of orange, brown and purple. When the shade of brown, orange or purple is more in a pink diamond, it is cheaper than when it is more. For example, a diamond which is 20% brown and 80% pink will be more expensive than the one that is 40% brown and 60% pink. Similarly, purple pink diamonds are rarer than the other shades and are therefore priced higher.

What Gives Pink Diamonds Their Colour?

Usually, coloured diamonds derive their hue from impurities present in them during formation. However, these haven’t been observed in Pink diamonds. The origin of their distinctive colour still remains a mystery. Nonetheless, a lot of people believe that the pink tint is the result of pressure under which the diamond was formed. Some also believe that it is because of the seismic shock that deforms the stone’s molecular structure.

How are Cut, Carat and Clarity Determined for These?

The measures for the 4Cs aren’t the same for pink diamonds like they are for white diamonds. 

The round brilliant cut is the best for white diamonds as it enhances the overall brilliance of it. When it comes to a pink diamond, a cut that enhances its colour is the best option. Thus, fancy cuts are more preferred.

Mostly, the bigger the diamonds the better the more they cost. This whole scenario is intensified when it comes to pink diamonds. Big diamonds that weigh 0.3-0.4 carats might cost exorbitantly due to their rarity. Finding pink diamonds that are bigger than 0.5 carats is extremely unique. 

When it comes to normal diamonds, clarity is a big expectation. But when it comes to pink diamonds, clarity doesn’t play a huge role because the hue hides most of the flaws. 

Talking about colour, a diamond having a deeper tint is always more expensive than a diamond with a lighter tint. 

Where are Pink Diamonds Sourced from?

Pink diamonds are usually sourced from the Argyle Mine in Australia. The diamonds in this mine are usually great in terms of quantity as well as quality. Although these diamonds are found in such rarity in the mines that for a million carats mined, only around one carat is sellable. Moreover, these reserves are even getting exhausted. Pink diamonds are also available in controlled quantities in India, Brazil, Siberia, South Africa, Canada and more. 

What to Check When Buying a Pink Diamond?

When buying a pink diamond it is important to assure that the seller is trustworthy. For this you need to verify a GIA certification. This will allow you to buy authentic, high quality pieces without overpaying for these. Apart from this, you also need to look at the hue you are buying and the normal price for it. Doing competitive analysis before buying also helps greatly. 

What is the Most Common Pink Diamond Jewellery?

Pink diamond engagement rings are the most common diamond jewellery in Australia. These are a perfect symbol for your unique love and is also an extremely romantic gesture. Furthermore, a pink diamond engagement ring is memorable and it stands out on your finger. 

What are the Alternatives to These Diamonds?

While a pink diamond is unique, alternatives can be found. Moissanite and morganite are two naturally pink gemstones that can replace these. These are also a cheaper option. In addition, one can also choose synthetic or lab grown pink diamonds over natural ones. These are not only more economical but also a conflict free and sustainable alternative. 

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