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A Handy Guide to Choosing a Yellow Gold Engagement Ring

29 May 2019 1:19:08 pm

Buying a 'perfect engagement ring' can be perplexing, especially when there are so many options, designs, and variations available to you.  Apart from choosing the perfect diamond shape, selecting the right metal is equally important to get an engagement ring that showcases your beautiful relationship.

Although platinum and white gold have always been increasingly popular choices, the old world charm of yellow gold hasn't faded away! Yellow gold is a timeless and valuable metal known for its warm and vibrant glow, which makes it a perfect choice for vintage-inspired engagement rings. Yellow gold can also be combined with white gold for a two-tone treasure which is the best of both worlds.

If you’re going down the path of the bright, warm shine of yellow gold, we have laid out a guide for you. We are also able to guide you through the process in store if you need some helpful eyes.

Skin Tone

People usually prefer wearing jewellery that flatters their skin tone, and yellow gold looks great on those with a warm skin tone.

Determining skin tone is easy - have a look at your wrist in natural light; if the veins appear green, you have a warm skin tone. If your veins appear bluish or purplish, you've got a cool skin tone, and a mix of both (blue and green) means you have a neutral skin tone.  A neutral skin tone will suit both yellow and white metals.

Diamond Colour

When you select a yellow gold setting, you don’t necessarily need the highest colour diamond on the scale. Whereas the three whitest colour grades (D, E and F) are a very stark white, lower colours around the H-J range can appear as a warmer white colour, emulating the look of a vintage diamond ring and blending with the yellow gold instead of contrasting against it. Yellow gold settings assist in hiding the faint colour tint of a diamond, while platinum or white gold makes it prominent. If you love an antique look, yellow gold offers a perfect setting for the warm tint of a faint diamond.


If you are looking for something exquisite and durable, yellow gold is the right choice! Yellow gold is considered as one of the most durable metals with a lifespan that extends up to 20-30 years. Though durable, yellow gold requires to be polished and cleaned regularly to keep it shiny for a long time, like any other jewellery metal.

Colour brightness

One of the major draws of yellow gold is, of course, its golden colour. For engagement rings, we recommend 18kt yellow gold. Pure gold (24kt) is too soft to be practical for stone setting and daily wear without significant scratching or bending. 9kt yellow gold is great for rings being worn on their own, such as gents’ wedding rings or dress rings, however can wear harshly against other jewellery and has more of a satiny, low shine compared to the glow of 18kt, which is more bright and shiny and wears nicely next to other 18kt gold.

Searching for your dream engagement ring can be overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be! If you're struggling to find a beautiful and unique ring, visit our All Diamonds store. Our friendly and helpful staff will assist you in finding a ring that speaks to you.

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