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9 Times When It’s Okay to Take Your Engagement Ring Off

10 Jan 2020 6:24:13 pm

Your engagement ring is a true symbol of love and loyalty. It is that one piece of jewellery that is extremely close to your heart and reminds you of your better half. You want to flaunt it on your finger for the entire world to see that you are indeed taken.

During the few months leading up to your wedding, taking the ring off may seem like the biggest crime. However, since the ring is so precious to you, taking care of it by making sure that it keeps shining bright is also a major priority. Apart from this, your engagement ring is an expensive investment that needs proper maintenance in order to stay good as new for generations to come. For these very reasons, there are certain tasks where taking off your engagement ring is not just okay, but is advisable.

Here is a list of daily tasks that you should ideally perform after removing your engagement ring.

  1. Bathing

While bathing, you use products such as hair conditioners, showe gels and shampoos. All these contain a certain amount of chemicals. When these come in contact with your diamond ring, such chemicals may dull the shine of your metal as well as diamond and may even lead to scratches. If the ring is made using a diamond cut that is a little sharp, it can cause bruises and injuries by rubbing off against your skin. Hence, removing the ring and keeping it in a safe place before taking a shower is the sensible thing to do.

  1. Washing Hands

Hand soap contains harmful chemicals and dyes that are stronger than those in shower gels. Exposing your diamond ring to these can affect its lustre. Moreover, the chemicals may also eat away at precious metals such as gold. If you are someone who washes your hands frequently, keeping a small dish, next to your sink, to place your ring in is favourable. 

  1. Skincare and Beauty Routine

Lathering off lotion and sunscreen on your body with the ring still on is a big no no. Just like soaps and shampoos, the chemicals present in skin creams can degrade the quality of your diamond and metal. While there are certain natural products that may contain fewer chemicals, they may dry up on the surface of your diamond and spoil its look. Removing your diamond ring before putting on creams and wearing it back once it has dried up is a better idea. 

  1. Sports and Workouts 

It is essential to remember that while it  is said that diamonds are forever, your engagement ring in not indestructible. Lifting heavy weights at your next crossfit session or playing lawn tennis with your friends while your ring in still on your finger can lead to damage due to impact. There is the constant fear of the diamond coming out of its prongs and flying right across the gym floor or the tennis court. Heavy and physically demanding exercise or sports can also lead to your diamond chipping off or form multiple scratches on the ring surface.On the other hand, if your ring gets pulled off on something, it may lead to painful avulsions that can damage your skin, tendons, muscle tissues or even bones in some extreme cases. Besides, sweat can also lead to the dirt from your body accumulating in the small crevices of your ring and faze its glory. Keep your ring safely in your gym locker or leave it at a safe place in your home before hitting the racks or gripping the racket. 

  1. House Chores

Dish soap, detergents and other home cleaning agents are notorious for having concentrated chemicals in the form of major ingredients. As discussed earlier, these may degrade the quality of your ring metal as well as diamond. Some may argue that wearing gloves while performing these tasks may help, but it is necessary to note that the chemicals are strong enough to seep through fabrics. In addition, the pressure applied on the gloves may lead to disorientation of your ring pattern.

  1. Gardening 

If you love the great outdoors, gardening is likely your hobby. This activity is dirty, in the sense that it requires you to work with mud and debris. Such agents may settle in the small openings of your ring and spoil its appeal. When your ring is not cleaned for a longer time, they may even lead the diamond to fall out due to excess accumulation. Moreover, at times when you are required to lift heavy things like potted plants, wearing gloves may not be enough. The impact from heavy lifting may lead to scratches, dents and breakage. 

  1. Sleeping 

Sleeping with your ring on can seem like an innocent thing to do. It may not damage your engagement ring at all but may cause harm to you instead. When you forget to take off your pointy ring before bed, don’t be surprised if you or your bed partner wake up with bruises or cuts. Apart from this, it may also form holes in your sheets. 

  1. Cooking

Removing you ring before cooking may seem like a hassle but there are several advantages associated with it. Since cooking requires the use of oils and other ingredients, these may sometimes be agents that dull the lustre of your diamonds. Furthermore, cooking is a messy job and your ring will certainly get dirty when kneading the dough. This may prompt you to keep washing your hands and take up more of your time. Greasy substances like butter may also lead to your ring slipping right off your fingers and into the sink or, in certain horrific cases, the food. When it comes to preparing anything edible, precaution is better than cure. Consequently, preventing unhygienic substances, such as accumulated dirt from the ring, mixing into your favourite dishes by is a wiser decision. The cure is keeping your invaluable jewellery locked away in a safe place.

  1. Operating Heavy Machinery

Most cases of ring breakage and ring avulsions occur when your job involves working with heavy equipment or manual labour. This is because in such cases it is easier for your ring to be caught in elements such as rotating objects, wreaking major havoc. 

Avoiding these tasks when wearing your engagement ring will help you take better care of it. The above pointers also prove that buying a small jewellery dish for your bedside or sinks and a ring case to keep in your purse/ locker is necessary to ensure higher safety. If you are looking for tips to keep your diamonds clean, check these out here. 

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