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5 Ways in Which Buying Diamonds Help in the Time of Crisis

13 Mar 2020 12:39:00 pm

Today, the entire world is going through difficult times. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is a lot of chaos owing to the effects it is having on people. While the victims of the virus are getting weakened physically, the others are also getting affected emotionally, mentally and economically. This is that time when a ray of hope is more important that it ever was. 

One such object that exuberantes luminosity during these dark times are diamonds. While these are arguably just stones, they hold a lot of importance and value. Their properties, value, beauty and more can assist humanity in some important ways. Some of the reasons to buy diamonds when the going gets hard are as follows.

  1. Long-term Investment

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in tremendous market fluctuations globally. Stocks are prone to some major fluctuations and economies are collapsing. A stable investment is thereby the need of the hour. Diamonds are your protectors against the unstable market due to the value associated with them. Since government laws do not govern the prices of diamonds, they retain their value during market collapses, recession, inflation and more. In addition, just like gold, their value remains the same throughout the world. These stones demand no maintenance and the prices of jewellery made out of these stones are only set to increase due to the combination of the rare carbons with precious metals. Moreover, it is also important to note that the rarer, coloured varieties have a huge demand and can result in the best long-term reuters. All of this makes diamonds a long-term investment to be reckoned with during uncertainty.  Although it is important to remember that you purchase insured as well as GIA certified diamonds in order to ensure extra protection and reliability. 

  1. Healing Properties

Since centuries, diamonds have been called miracle stones due to their physical, mental and emotional healing properties. These stones are known to treat ailments of ailments of the heart and mind by hindus. Their vibrations are believed to have a positive effect on a person’s body as well as psyche.Diamonds are said to have an effect on fevers, infections, epilepsies, depression, anxieties and more. Additionally, they help you develop a sense of self-worth and reduce fear, which in return increases positivity that is much needed during challenging instances such as these. No doubt these were the amulets of winners such as Napoleon, Julius Caesar and Louis IV.

  1. Embodiment of Love

Diamonds have long been associated with eternal love. Their permanent nature and their shine have proven to be a precious symbol of affection. This is why it is largely used in engagement rings that signify an eternal bond. During hard hitting conditions such as the current scenario, we all need something to keep us together and restore our faith in humanity. Diamonds can act as an emblem that remind us all to be affectionate and stand jointly in this fight. Furthermore, love can help us get through it all and since diamonds are an embodiment of the same, they are truly worth buying.

  1. Symbol of Longevity

In an era of uncertainty, we all need some permanence. Diamonds are timeless. They are a representation of strength and resilience. They also showcase the wonders that nature creates and helps us believe in the fact that hardships make us a better version of ourselves. In all the above manners, diamonds stand for longevity which is a needed trait at this challenging hour. These show us that we can get through hardships and they will only make us shine when we rise above it all like a diamond in the dust. 

  1. An Object of Gratitude

Diamonds are usually given to loved ones as precious gifts. These are a great way to say thank you to anyone who has helped us reach thus far in life. Therefore, these represent gratitude. Since the pandemic is making everything seem ephemeral, we likely want to acknowledge all the lovely people who have supported us and will keep standing by our side endlessly. Diamond jewellery is an incomparable way to do this. No words can replace the feelings that diamonds portray just through their existence. Besides, diamonds also remind us that we should be thankful to all humanity during catastrophic conditions. It helps us recognise the gratitude we owe to those working day and night in order to keep us safe. 

All the above pointers prove that diamonds assist us in seeing the good in the most dreadful conditions. These are like armours of positive energy which can aid us in sailing through. For this very reason, now is a good time to wear your diamond jewellery and face the music headstrong. 

All Diamonds urges you all to stay home and stay safe during this global emergency. We hope you are following the guidelines set by authority for prevention and are here to support you through this. Feel free to reach out to us for any assistance. 

If you are planning to get yourself some diamonds, we supply ethical, GIA certified diamond engagement rings, diamond pendants, diamond earrings, and so on. Contact us today for all your requirements. 

Once again we would like to remind you to keep washing your hands, cleaning surfaces, practice social distancing and maintain the highest levels of personal hygiene to win the fight against the novel coronavirus. Let’s all come out shining like diamonds at the end of the tunnel. We are all in this together yet apart.

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