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4 Reasons to Get a Bespoke Engagement Ring

20 Mar 2019 2:27:15 pm

Does it feel like you’ve scoured every jewellery shop in Melbourne, browsed through Pinterest and Instagram, even flipped through pages of several magazines, but still haven’t found an engagement ring that you connect with?

Trying to find the perfect ring can be overwhelming – especially if you know what you want but can’t find it anywhere!

Don’t Get Overwhelmed. Go For a Bespoke Engagement Ring!

A bespoke or a custom-made engagement ring is designed, fashioned and tailored to your specific requirements. Rather than settling for something ready-made that may not tick all the boxes, a custom made ring is made with the intent of bringing your dreams to life with a design as classic or unique as you like.

1.Create that Perfect Dream Ring

Every love story is unique and the engagement ring should be, too! The idea of a bespoke engagement ring is to reflect your partner’s personality, while subtly showcasing your own love story. When you work with a manufacturing jeweller to create a custom made engagement ring, you can take creative liberty to get a ring that expresses everything you wish to express about your relationship.

2.Showcases Distinctive Style Statement

As the design process unfolds, you can have creative control over different elements in your engagement ring. The design process for the bespoke engagement ring involves brainstorming which results in a ring that showcases your beloved’s distinctive style. Our designers can guide you through the process and make suggestions from a design and practical perspective to make the process even easier for you.

3.Shows Commitment

The fact that you have put the effort in to understand your partner and her preferences will not go unnoticed. We know she will appreciate the extra work you put into choosing to customise a beautiful ring. A custom made engagement ring will end up as family heirloom and will be passed from generation to generation, so your design will be appreciated for many lifetimes.

4. Bring Symbolism in the Custom Ring

When you customise the engagement ring, you add sentimental touches and end up with a ring that your partners will cherish for life. Let’s take the example of Prince Harry. The British royal proposed Meghan Markle with a custom made ring which he designed from scratch with a manufacturing jeweller. The ring sported a magnificent centre diamond from Botswana, a place which holds immense significance in the couple’s life. He also used two diamonds from his mother’s collection as a symbolic gesture of affection for the beloved Princess Diana. Customising a ring can also mean including a motif or design that means a lot to you or your partner, adding a favourite colour, or anything else you think will make your engagement ring significant.

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