5.02 Carats Cushion Diamond

5.02 Carats Cushion Diamond

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  • Shape Cushion
  • Weight 5.0200 Weight
    Weight in Carats
  • Colour O
  • Clarity VVS1
  • Dimensions 9.56 x 9.32 x 6.31 Dimensions
    (minimum diameter) x (maximum diameter) x [width]
  • Culet - Culet
    The facet at the tip of a gemstone (bottom point)
  • Cut G
  • Polish EX
  • Symmetry EX
  • Girdle 5.10 Girdle
    The intersection of the crown and pavilion which defines the perimeter of the diamond.
  • Table 59.00 Table
    The top face of the diamond
    (hint: a Very Good cut would be a table percentage of 50% to 66% being the Table expressed as a percentage of the Diameter
  • Pavillion Depth 46.50 Pavillion Depth
    The bottom portion of a diamond, from the girdle to the culet)
  • Crown Percent 14.70 Crown Percent
    The top portion of a diamond from the girdle to the table
  • Fluorescence N
  • Laboratory JGS
  • Certificate No -

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O - S: Light Yellow


Very Very Slightly Included: minute inclusions that are difficult for a skilled grader to see under 10x magnification


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